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The 1st newsletter of the TEX4.0 project is now available!

On Thursday 1st of February 2024, the first transnational meeting took place in Dresden, Germany, marking the launch of the European TEX4.0 project. The TEX4.0 project is a 24-month Erasmus+ project that aims to provide workers in the textile industry and people who are neither

Partners meeting for the European project PANEL, in Paris

The fourth meeting of the #PANEL project was successfully held from 31 January to 1 February 2024 in Paris, with the participation of representatives of the project consortium. During the meeting, partners had the opportunity to review progress in four areas: Information and Communication Technologies,

Training within the framework of the European e-SELLER project

Within the framework of the European e-SELLER project, the Lifelong Learning Centre KAINOTOMIA conducted training on the application of advanced technologies and communication skills in the field of e-commerce. The training took place from 22 to 24 January 2024. Technological issues such as augmented reality,

The 2nd FINER Brochure is now Αvailable!

We're delighted to present to you the remarkable results of the Finer Project! Showcasing three innovative outcomes that will revolutionize personal and professional development for young adults. Dive into our brochure to explore the FINER Well-Being E-Book—an interactive guide addressing crucial well-being topics. Don't miss

The 3nd BRAND project newsletter is now available!

The BRAND project partners gathered in Larissa, in order to try out with the participants the first result of the project called "BRAND Ecological Fashion Toolbox". As an effort to raise ecological awareness about the clothing market, the BRAND project offers the appropriate tools to

Read the 1st Newsletter of the RECOVER project here!

One of the most important issues afflicting modern society is none other than unemployment. The RECOVER: European Youth for a Green Recover project aims to combat this problem by supporting green entrepreneurship. The project consortium aims to train young people and youth workers/trainers on green

RECOVER Project, an e-leaflet with all you need to discover!

RECOVER: European Youth for a Green Recover is a visionary initiative committed to combat youth unemployment by promoting green entrepreneurship in alignment with the EU's eco-friendly transitions. Our mission includes empowering young individuals with environmental literacy, equipping them with green and digital technology skills, and