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The RECOVER Online Interactive Toolset

The main result of the RECOVER project will be the RECOVER Online Interactive Toolset. It will be a web-based application that will contain training/teaching materials and resources, and an assessment tool in a quiz format, on the topics of green economy, environmental literacy, green entrepreneurship,

Read the 2nd newsletter of the proejct BRAND!

In recent years, fashion has made a shift towards ecological and sustainable practices. In this context, the BRAND project comes to motivate young people to make more sustainable choices when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories in order to protect the planet. To find

Read the 1st newsletter of the proejct Mend the Gap!

Women, especially those facing difficulties in social and labour market integration, need to develop skills to gain access to society. Thus, the Erasmus+ Mend the Gap project aims to strengthen vocational education and training trainers to support this population. If this area concerns you, read

Read the 7th newsletter of the DigiER project!

DigiER is an Erasmus+ project which aims to develop entrepreneurs' digital skills and supports trainers in developing contemporary educational material in order to promote cross-border entrepreneurship. The project concluded with the final partners' meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. To learn more about both the meeting and