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3rd Capacity Building Activity for the European Program PRIORITY: “PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTIes for Youth”

The third CBA of the European programme KA3 PRIORITY: “PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTIes for Youth’’ was implemented online, via Zoom Platform, from Monday 11th to Friday 15th. Due to the COVID-19 situation the participants did not travel to Dresden, Germany, for the 3rd Cycle of the activities. The PRIORITY partnership was adapted to the new circumstances organizing an online CBA of 5 half days duration with 18 participants including our trainer and facilitator, Dimitra Zervaki, from the host organization JKPeV.

The title of the 3rd CBA was: “How to Sustain your PRIORITY Hub”, and it dealt with the sustainability and future of a PRIORITY Hub, focusing on methods, tools and strategies on how to future proof each PRIORITY hub. The main topics were:

• Strategic planning and enrichment of activities
• How to use creativity and technology to further develop your PRIORITY hub
• Expanding your network of cooperation and lobbying in a regional, national, EU level
• How to sustain financially and how to follow up
• Evaluate and redesign

The third day, Wednesday 13th, participants worked on their team assignments by themselves for 3 hours in groups and the trainer was available to answer any question they may had. The assignment was to design and present their own Strategic Plan of their PRIORITY HUB based on the knowledge gained during the first two days of the CBA on the themes of VMOSA Strategy planning process and the SWOT Analysis Method! On Thursday and Friday, the participants worked on their creativity skills, learned how to use technology and funding in order to create impact and benefit the Hubs, developed a networking plan and finally acquired useful knowledge on how to assess the impact.

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