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3rd Joint Staff Training Event in Porto for Future Target project

The partnership of the Future Target project has successfully participated in the Joint Staff Training Event (JSTE) in Porto, Portugal, between the 10th-12th of May 2022! Partners from Germany (INTERCULTURAL YOUTH DIALOGUE ASSOCIATION), Greece (KAINOTOMIA), Italy (YOUTH EUROPE SERVICE), Spain (ACADEMIA POSTAL 3) and Sweden (MOBILIZING EXPERTISE) joined in person and GEOCLUBE hosted the event.

The “Future Target” Project aims to improve the present knowledge and the capacity to react at the local/regional level, as well as to increase the quality of life of the migrants and refugees by working on their integration in local communities. On the whole, the project has planned activities that will support not only the partner organizations but also the migrants, refugees as well as the local communities.

On the 1st day, the host organization organized several team building activities and debates, regarding cultural awareness and cultural differences, and partners became creative, agreed and formed a new possible logo for the project.

On the 2nd day, there was a local study visit at Gondomar’s Municipality and Gondomar’s Red Cross; both organizations work with migrants and refugees and presented their field of work.

On the 3rd day, AMIZADE, an organization that supports the Ukrainian migrants and refugees in Portugal, presented their efforts to support displaced Ukrainians who have fled the country due to the war through cultural activities.

The 3-days JSTE offered the partnership in depth understanding of the current situation of the refugee and migrant crisis and what measures are taken in Portugal to improve it.


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