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5th Joint Staff Training Event in Porto for the FACIT project

“FACIT – Fostering Active Citizenship Competencies” is a KA2 project of Strategic Partnership for Adult Education and intends to raise the standard educational approach to an upper level, by promoting interdisciplinarity as the key for Active Citizenship educational opportunities, through the acquisition of specific competences coming from different sectors, from Ecology to Economy to Participatory Democracy and Social Cohesion. More specifically, the partnership explores different aspects and practices of the five kinds of citizenship, meaning the:

  • Ecological Citizenship
  • Economic Citizenship
  • Digital Citizenship
  • European Citizenship
  • Global Citizenship.

From the 3rd until the 5th of May 2022, the partnership of the FACIT project participated in Joint-Staff Training Event (JSTE) in Porto, Portugal! Partners from Italy (INTEGRA ONLUS, FATTORIA PUGLIESE DIFFUSA ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE), Greece (KAINOTOMIA), and France (E-JUNIORS) joined in-person the JSTE hosted by GEOCLUBE (PORTUGAL).

During the JSTE, GEOCLUBE as the partner responsible for the ecological thematic of the project (Ecological Citizenship), presented examples of good practices of active citizenship focused mainly on the area of ecology and sustainability. The main activities included some sessions using non-formal education methods and visits to local entities that apply sustainable patterns of consumption. The partners got to know three different initiatives, related with the topic of sustainability:

  • “Alexandra Arnóbio Upcycling Projects” revealed a few tips on how to look at waste and “see treasure” in it, through her upcycling.
  • “Vintage for a cause” offered insights regarding the origin of our clothes, since it’s a circular economy brand that promotes upcycling by engaging senior women to the process.
  • “Armazém Cowork” is a co-working space that hosts sustainable workshops, and circular economy events.

These study visits offered new knowledge regarding green initiatives implemented in Portugal and now all partners are able to share (and, who knows, reproduce) these good practices in their respective countries.

Stay tuned for the long JSTE, during partners’ staff members will spent two months in Porto hosted by GEOCLUBE, in order to deliver trainings on juniors and seniors on the five kinds of Active Citizenship!