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DigiER Leaflet is now available!

There is a demand for skills to facilitate the digital transformation of the economy and the way of doing business. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic situation urges the need for adaptations to the digital notion. Under these circumstances, most SMEs struggle due to adjustment difficulties, as their sector was affected drastically by the shrinkage of activities and finances. Although SMEs sector entrepreneurs demonstrate a lack of flexibility and readiness regarding their direct reaction to this situation, cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation improvement opportunities arise for their companies.

DigiER: “Digital transborder Entrepreneurship Readiness”, a 24-month project, was designed and is implemented to explore possibilities to find new pedagogical ways to tackle 21st-century challenges, promote peer learning across education systems transnationally and be a catalyst factor in the development of indispensable transversal competencies i.e., problem-solving, collaboration and creativity. DigiER aims to raise awareness on the effects of digital transborder entrepreneurship among employees of chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, local authorities, and centers for entrepreneurship development, but also VET teachers, trainers, and mentors.

Read the promotional leaflet and learn more about the aim, objectives, and upcoming results of the project.


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