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Drone Technology Curricula

The drone technology curriculum is the third intellectual output of the eduDrone program and is addressed to Vocational Education and Training providers who teach topics related to unmanned aerial systems and their development. The curriculum is going to help trainees gain opportunities created by Industry 4.0, by adapting drone technology to start a new business or expand the existing ones.
The course will be implemented in a mixed form of teaching including live lectures, online lessons, lab activities and online testing. The program aims to help trainees understand and become familiar with the drone technology already in use and at the same time, acquire and develop high quality skills and competencies such as business and digital skills. The program also provides information on the design and manufacture of drones, their programming, operation as well as their safe maintenance and use.
The curriculum includes 12 modules focusing on the basic theory and concept of current drone technology design. Each module includes specific learning resources, presentations, student activities, vocabulary, definitions, and assessment methods. Under the framework of knowledge research, trainees will be introduced to case studies in the drone industry in order to stimulate the idea of entrepreneurship during the course.
The curriculum for drone technology is available in Greek at the link below.