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FACIT Learning, Teaching, Training Activity in Larissa

The partnership of the European project FACIT: Fostering Active Citizenship has successfully implemented the Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA). The training took place in Larissa, Greece, with KAINOTOMIA as the host organization.

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The main objective of the LTTA was for the participating partners to see how Kainotomia works with its adult learners, the methodology its educators/trainers use, the specific target group they work with and the results to be reached.

The first day included a general presentation of the training program. Partners met each other and participated in energizer activities related to the thematic of the project. More specifically, Kainotomia introduced the topic of its training for the upcoming days, which refers to Economic Citizenship.

During the second day, partners discussed pending financial and administrative issues, as well as they proceeded to the development of the structure and task distribution of the FACIT Toolkit. Then, Mrs. Eleni Evangelopoulou, head of the Department of Education and European Programs of STHEB (Association of Businesses and Enterprises in Thessaly) informed the attendees about the role of the Association as a business and social body of the region and the actions and services it offers to its members. In addition, she referred to the training programs in the business activity of the citizens of Larissa during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The next session was addressed by the project manager of Kainotomia, Mrs. Meropi Koutsounaki, who presented how the organization integrates vulnerable groups through vocational programs into the economic sector. At the last session, Mr. Charalampos Samartzis, head of the Department of European Programs at the University of Thessaly, introduced the connection between EU initiatives with economic citizenship at a local level presenting the program of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE).

The third day included a feedback session and arrangement of the next Learning, Teaching, Training Activities. All partners corresponding to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic reviewed their plans to ensure the safety of all the participants.


Partners renew their date for January 2022 in Portugal 🤞!