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Fifth Trasnational Meeting for the IMPROVE project!

University of Turku organized and coordinated the fifth transnational meeting of the EU KA2 project  IMPROVE: “Innovative Methodologies and Practices on VET”, which was implemented online on 23th of June 2020. The meeting was implemented with the presence of representatives of all the partner organizations: Find an Internship from UK (lead partner), Informamentis Europa from Italy (partner organization), Euro-Idea from Poland (partner organization), Youth European Services (YES) from Italy (partner organization) and University of Turku from Finland (partner organization).

The purpose of the Fifth Transnational Meeting of the project was:

to discuss the progress of the project, collecting the status of the project activities from the project partners according to the project plan and evaluating the milestones achieved

to discuss the forthcoming work to be implemented

to modify certain project activities and deadlines as it was necessitated by the COVID-19 situation

to discuss and solve the project issues

to discuss the implementation of the the Joint Staff Member Activity, scheduled for August 2020, in Larisa

Aim of the project:

IMPROVE project aims to satisfy the need for innovation in VET systems, thanks to alternative and successful methodologies/approaches to the learning environment, in order to create successful experience in job-oriented learning. This will contribute to reduce the lack of an effective system to transfer knowledge and provide learners of skills necessary for self- employment or employment. The main objective of the project is developing institutional partnerships supporting the set up and implementation of an internationalization strategy of VET learners and apprentices

The partners propose is to create innovative tools and guidelines, which can be introduced in their countries, used by the personnel who work in various ways in the professional training (teachers, schools organizations), widespread among the learners to support their employ ability and self-employment, shared by organizations in Europe, as the subject of further projects and initiatives to improve VET systems.


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