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Financing of the new European program PRIORITY: “PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTIes for Youth”

The Center of Lifelong Learning “Kainotomia” participates as a partner in the PRIORITY project: PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTIes for Youth. PRIORITY is an innovative program that includes youth organizations and networks, cultural and sports organizations, lifelong learning and training centers, as well as private and public entities from Germany, Greece, Italy and Romania with the aim of creating environments for inclusion of young people in a local level (PRIORITY Hubs).
Additional objectives of the project are:
– to increase the capacities of the organizations working with youth
– to invest in prevention by eliminating the root causes of youth radicalization and act as an integrating force
– to empower young people from disadvantaged groups, such as immigrants and refugees, to be active, democratically involved and to drive positive change in communities, using innovative methods and practices that combine youth, education, cultural mediation and sport.
The PRIORITY project will contribute to the development, validation and upscaling of a number of useful innovative integration “environments” (hubs), as well as resources and tools such as:
– PRIORITY Methodology and toolkit: a tool for integrating young people with cross-sectorial innovation of best practices in the fields of youth, sports, culture and voluntary arts
-Priority Hubs on-line and online: cross-sectorial community nodes based on the ‘Integrated Community Approach’ that will serve as integration environments for young people including sports activities, youth activities, cultural heritage activities
– “HOW TO PRIORITISE” e-book: a manual on how to build, operate and maintain PRIORITY Hubs
– Two-lesson e-learning platform “How to become a PRIORITY Super Hero” and “How to become a PRIORITY Mediator” (designed for young immigrants and refugees).

Finally, the PRIORITY project aims to promote the integration of newly arrived immigrants / refugees locally and bring them closer to the local community and youth, in order to avoid radicalization and potential hate attacks towards them by increasing their mutual understanding and sense of belonging to a more open, resilient and inclusive society.