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Future Target Joint Staff Training Event

The partnership of the European project 🇪🇺 KA2 – Strategic Partnership for the Exchange of Good Practices – Future Target 🎯 has successfully implemented the first Joint Staff Training Event. The training took place virutally, given the covid19 current situation, with host organisation our Lifelong Learning Center KAINOTOMIA.

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The first day included presentations of the local realities regarding the migrant and refugee situation in the partner countries. The staff member of each organisation presented their national and local realities and then all together, we spotted similarities and differences on this complex and multi-dimensional issue!
The second day included a presentation on the themes of marginalisation and exclusion and how it connects with espousing violent engagement! Partners had also the opportunity to talk to a DRC representative and find out more about how a hot spot works and what activities are planned for the first accommodation for the integration and inclusion of refugees! Finally, partners presented best practices based on EU funded or national projects and initiatives and discussed the milestones and challenges on the theme of inclusion! During the second day we had the pleasure to host Ms. Svolianiti Christina, representative of DRC Greece, who a ctively participated and shared with us some best practices applied in hot spots of Greece as well as her first-hand experience on working with refugees!
During the third and fourth day of our Joint Staff Training Event, partners and staff organisation members gained useful knowledge about strategic planning, strategic process, and SWOT analysis, and how to apply them in both business and non-formal education contexts!  Moreover, partners navigated through human rights history and discussed the importance of human rights to be respected and enjoyed by every human being in the world 🌏 , while they had also the opportunity to experience a role-playing game where they were called to take some important real-life decisions and put ourselves in a refugees’ shoes!
Last but not least, the last day of the training was devoted in the training of a culture of peace. Partners worked together in groups per country in order to design and present their Community Maps 🗺 with all the strengths and weeknesses they possess in the theme of the migrants and refugees inclusion and afterwards they discussed and exchanged really fruitful ideas for the development and the positive reinforcement of their maps!
We hope that our partners Youth Europe Service, Sharing Europe Firenze, Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association IYDA e.V, Geoclube – Associação Juvenil, Mobilizing Expertise, AcademiaPostal Tres have gained some actual knowledge on the topics discussed and that they will apply this knowledge and methods in their organisational contexts!
Looking forward for our next JSTE in Germany were we all hope to meet in person 🤞!

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