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Future Target Kick-off Meeting in Rheinbach, Germany

The first transnational meeting for the new Future Target project  took place on the 17th and 18th of October 2019, in Reinbach, Germany with representatives coming  from all the partner organizations countries! The meeting was held at the premises of YDA e.V “Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association” where the partners:
– presented the main idea of ​​the program and its individual objectives,
– discussed the plan of implementation and the structure of the project
– coordinated research on good practices on the integration of refugees and migrants into the local community
– distributed roles and responsibilities and finalized deadlines regarding upcoming tasks
– discussed about the project dissemination strategies
– organized the approach of local stakeholders and associated partners in order to achieve the active participation and dissemination of the project
– set the date for the next transnational meeting that will be held in Potenza, Italy, in 2020!

The Future Target project has planned activities which support not only the partner organizations but also the local communities, as well as migrants and refugees. The main activities of the project include trainings, workshops, seminars and project meetings. Through them, the project aims to improve the present knowledge and the capacity to react at local/regional level, as well as to increase the quality of life of the migrants and refugees by working on their integration in local communities.

Learn more about the Future Target project here!

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