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HateBusters Online Meeting

The following partners of the HateBusters project met online yesterday Wednesday, 11/11/2020,  in order to discuss the progress of the project’s activities and the development of the project’s intellectual outputs.

  • Südwind, Austria (lead organization)
  • Kainotomia, Greece (partner organization)
  • Danmar Computers, Poland (partner organization)
  • MVNGO, Italy (partner organization)
  • Crossing Borders, Denmark (partner organization)

More specifically, the partners discussed regarding:

  • the finalization of the first intellectual output of the project, the “HateBusters Guide: How to Combat Hate Speech and Cyberbullying”
  • the finalization of the project’s website and flyer
  • various project management and dissemination activities
  • the initiation of the second intellectual output of the project the “HateBusters Awareness Toolkit”

Partners also exchanged opinions regarding the challenges faced by most of the countries due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they will affect the upcoming project’s activities.


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