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IDEA 3rd Virtual Meeting

IDEA Partnership came together on Friday 9th of April 2021, for a fruitful online meeting to discuss among else about the next project milestones and activities!

More specifically, the agenda of the meeting included:

  • IO2/Interactive toolset supporting Development of Educators of Adults’ skills in Boosting Entrepreneurship among NEETs/ C4E+CWEP+ALL
  • Dissemination Activities/DICIANNOVE+ALL
  • Project Management changes in the Gantt Chart/ KEA+ALL
  • Virtual LTTA/ KEA+ALL
  • Evaluation/CESIE+ALL

Partners also exchanged information on the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic in the partner countries as well as discussed on the challenges faced by most of the countries due to the second wave and how they will affect the upcoming project’s activities and more specifically the upcoming testing phase of IO2 IDEA Toolset with target groups.

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