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IO1 and IO2 of the EKS project are now ready!

We are really happy to announce to you that two Intellectual Outputs of the project, EKS simulation game and the EKS Didactic Handbook, are now ready!

The simulation game (IO1) will focus on the improvement of skills by offering 5 scenarios that will allow the users to develop the following skills: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, and coordination with others. Playing the game will impact the way NEETs think, shaping their mindset and directing them onto the entrepreneurial path, which will impact their future decisions. As an added value, the impact can also be seen on educators.

Regarding the second Intellectual Output, the Didactic handbook aim will be to support participants in using the game during their entrepreneurship learning. It will include the description of the game rules, with scoring and useful tips together with prepared in an attractive way, explanations of the skills to be acquired and why they are important. The impact, similar to the impact of the game, is expected to be significant as the handbook will reach not only NEETs but later, through intensive dissemination, also the wide audience and will provide an important aim for the development of skills needed for the future.

You can find IO1 and IO2 here: