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Joint Staff Training Event in Bonn for Future Target project

The partnership of the European project Future Target has successfully implemented the Joint Staff Training Event. The training took place in Bonn, Germany, with IYDA as the host organization.

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The main objective of the Joint Staff Training Event (JSTE) was for the participating partners to learn how to create an inclusive environment for migrants and refugees when working with them, in order to bring out the fullest of their potentials.

The first day included a general presentation of the training program. Partners met each other and discussed on the upcoming trainings. Afterwards, the trainer introduced to the participants the IKIGAI method of getting to know themselves and achieve full potential of their work with migrants and refuges.

Starting the second day, participants were separated into small groups and exchanged thoughts on a three-scale limiting beliefs: how people see themselves, how people see others and finally, how people see the world around them. These limiting beliefs was the beginning of a fruitful conversation on how we treat people with different cultural, religion and social background. The second day ended with a reflection game regarding what each participant thinks of the rest.

The third and last day of the JSTE started with a visit to the House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany, where participants had the chance to learn through the exhibits and audiovisual elements about the German history from 1945 until the present. The visit to the museum was followed by a group discussion, where participants reflected on how people develop understanding by knowing each other’s history. The JSTE closed with a debate where participants from each organization presented the situation on the migrant and refuges crisis, in their country. After the presentation, partners exchanged different perspectives and good practices applied in each country.

Partners renew their date for the next JSTE in Portugal  🤞!