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Kick-off Meeting for the IDEAL project

The IDEAL: “Improving Digital Education for All Learners” is a project developed by the IDEAL Consortium, led by Cogito Development Projects, in response to the rapid changes that occurred in the education and skills sector during the COVID-19 pandemic project. The Kick-off Meeting of the project was successfully completed online on the 2nd of June 2021, with the Cogito Development Projects from United Kingdom, as the leading partner.

The IDEAL project’s key objectives are to:
• Identifying the scale of the problem
• Fostering capacity building of teachers and institutions
• Promoting effective use of technology practices
• Fostering inclusiveness in the virtual classroom, involving students with additional communication needs, such as those with physical or hearing impairments or learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and others
• Developing pedagogy, online curriculum, delivery models and learning materials
• Creating guidance in the form of institutional level roadmaps to deliver online infrastructure upgrades and training

During the meeting, each partner presented its ideas as well as its area of ​​expertise regarding the project. More specifically, the partners:

  • Discussed the exact way of implementing the project’s goals
  • Discussed the steps of implementing the first Intellectual Output
  • Shared the upcoming tasks and responsibilities among them
  • Set the dates for the future face to face Learning Teaching Training Activity “An Open Space to discuss the relationship between inclusion and online learning” as well as discussed regarding the activity details and group of participants