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Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) event in Turin for the IDEAL project

The partnership of the European project IDEAL: «Improving Digital Education for All Learners» has successfully implemented the Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) event under the title “An Open Space to discuss the relationship between inclusion and online learning”. The training took place in Turin, Italy, with the University of Turin (UOI) as the host organization.

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The main objective of the LTTA event was for the participating partners to learn the ways of identification and understanding disabilities and problems in the learning process, as typically derived from neurological issues, and learning barriers respectively, derived from visual, hearing, kinetic, or mental disabilities, emotional disturbance, and all kinds of impairments in economic, cultural, and environmental level.

The first day included lectures on the inclusion of deaf people in higher education and the presentation of the PAS platform, which aims to assist students with disabilities with their participation in the educational process.

On the second day, training was continued also with lectures on the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education, as well as on issues like self-regulation and self-efficacy strategies, regulation of emotions during the transition into academic life, mental health, and well-being of students with disabilities, while some of those students shared with us their experience from their tertiary education.

The third day included a lecture on inclusive education for vulnerable groups and whether it is a reality or a difficult venture. Afterward, all partners reflected on possible ways for promoting inclusion for marginalized groups, some of which have already been implemented successfully across EU countries.

Partners renewed their date for the Transnational Meeting that will take place in the summer of 2022 in Volos, Greece 🤞!