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Long-term LTTA in Porto for the FACIT project

KAINOTOMIA participates in the long-term LTTA of the FACIT project that is held in Porto, Portugal, along with the host partner from Portugal (Geoclube), and partners from Italy (Integra Onlus & Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale), and France (E-Juniors). In this second week, KAINOTOMIA prepared and organized a workshop on “Economic Citizenship” in the Águas Santas Secondary School. During the workshop, high school students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the economic aspect of active citizenship.

More specifically, the economic citizenship and its aspects were presented to the students and discussed with them. Then, the students engaged in the workshop activities which were based on the team-oriented cooperative learning method. These activities required the students to collaborate while following a “journey” of acquiring citizenship by investment in touristic properties in Portugal through a series of team choices. The students also participated in a scenario that was utilized to demonstrate to them the value of being responsible, reputable, and active as a future citizen.

Regarding the “FACIT – Fostering Active Citizenship Competencies” project, it is an Erasmus+ KA2 project of Strategic Partnership for Adult Education aiming to raise the standard educational approach to an upper level, by promoting interdisciplinarity as the key to Active Citizenship educational opportunities, through the acquisition of specific competencies coming from different sectors, from Ecology to Economy to Participatory Democracy and Social Cohesion. More specifically, the partnership explores different aspects and practices of the five kinds of citizenship: Ecological, Economic, Digital, European, and Global.

During and following the long-term LTTA, partners will work to finalize the FACIT Toolkit, a shared methodology for interconnecting these 5 kinds of citizenship, which will be the final output of the project.