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Opportunity for 1 person with disabilities to participate in an educational activity in Pisa, Italy!

DARE Learning, Teaching and Training Activity
Implementation Dates: November 11-17, 2019, 5 days training (2 days travel)
Covered costs: 100% hotel accommodation covered by the organization hosting the activity as well as food costs (lunch, dinner). Total travel costs 275 EUR per person are also covered.
City: Pisa, Italy
Deadline for applications: Submit your application here by 15/9/2019

Aim and objectives of DARE project
Ke.Di.Vi.M2 Kainotomia is involved as a partner in the DARE DisAble the barRiErs project which is a twenty-four (24) month European Erasmus + KA2 project in collaboration with other organizations and networks from Germany, Poland, Italy.
Project’s Objectives:
• empowering youth organizations e.g. Youth NGOs
• empowering youth workers to implement youth mobility projects for all young people, and especially for young people with visual / hearing / physical impairments (PwVHPI)
DARE Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA)
Ke.Di.Vi.M2 Kainotomia provides an opportunity for one person to participate in the DARE learning, training and teaching activity which is one of the most important activities of the project, which aims to bring together all partner organizations working teams with the aim of maximizing the learning impact and prepare youth workers as well as staff of each organization to develop the intellectual outputs of the project.
Profile of participants
• Youth Workers, Youth Trainers and Youth Leaders, who will be associated with the organization either professionally or voluntarily
• People with disabilities who want to volunteer and increase the participation of other young people with disabilities
The selected participants should:
• have an active role in the project working group
• have a basic level of understanding and command of English (at least B1)
The total number of participants will be 15 from all partner organizations. 1/3 of the people who will take part in the activity will be people with disabilities who can have an accompanied person with them, a person of their choice, who will help them with what they need in parallel with the organization hosting the activity. As “Kainotomia”, we are looking for one (1) adult with disabilities along with an accompanied person of their choice to join DARE LTTA. There is no age limit for participation, but priority will be given to young people with disabilities aged 18-35 who are one of the target groups of the program.

Applications for Participation
Submit your application by filling in the online form by 15/9/2019
DARE LTTA structure
The event is hosted by the Italian organization AFORISMA ( which has extensive experience in hosting educational activities for people with disabilities. With regard to the structure of the LTTA, each partner will be responsible for one day of the activity to prepare activities, material and methods, depending on their field of experience. The main structure of the LTTA will be as follows:
1. Arrival day 11/11/2019
2. Get to know each other better, ice breaking games, why are we here. Why are they excluded?
barriers to participation that prevent groups and young PwVHPI to feel confident in taking part in
mobility opportunities (Aforisma)
3. Needs and learning profiles of participants with special needs and different types of disabilities
(Physical, Sensory, Intellectual, Mental, Invisible) (Kainotomia)
4. Concept of inclusion and young PwVHPI: how to include them everywhere (Kreisau Initiative)
5. The field of youth and volunteerism, non-formal education and learning through mobility, peer
support for young PwVHPI (JKPeV)
6. Take care of the accessibility: practical information on accessibility of facilities, outputs, websites,
call for participants for young PwVHPI (Danmar)
7. Departure day 17/11/2019
LTTA results
After the end of the activity participants will have:
-exchanged and gained new knowledge, methods and increased their capacities on the themes of the project
-been trained on non-formal education, accessibility, empowerment and supporting methods in order to properly support young PwVHPI to participate more in learning mobility projects of Erasmus+, and being more active in their local community
-maximized the learning impact on direct participants coming from the participating organizations
-internally disseminated the learning results of the DARE LTTA and enhance the capacity building of each organization
-increased their cross-sectoral cooperation skills by cooperating with staff members from the fields of youth, training and education, business.

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