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Prospects In Peripheries Kick-off Meeting in Copenhagen

The kick-off meeting of the project Prospects In Peripheries has successfully taken place on the 14th and 15th of January 2020, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the premises of the leading partner “Crossing Borders”. The meeting was coordinated by Crossing Borders and attended by representatives of all project partner organizations.

The first day began with the brief presentations of all the partner-organizations as well as the presentation and introduction of the staff that will be involved in the project’s activities in each partner country. The coordinator presented the whole project initiative and then the partners defined the projects steps in concrete with the revision of the planned gant. the bay ended up with the definition of the financial rules to be followed in each country in order to maximize the effectiveness of the cooperation among partners.

The second day of the meeting began with the discussion about the dissemination plan and the intended impact of the projects outputs. The partnership discussed about the upcoming Joint Staff Training Activities that will take place in Spain and scheduled the next project meeting that is going to take place in Germany. Finally the choice of the logo has been made, the Internal Agreements were signed and the coordinator of the project, Crossing Borders released a press conference to promote the start of the project.

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