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PRIORITY January 2022 Multiplier Event

In the context of the PRIORITY project implementation, Kainotomia, as a member of its partnership, organised and carried out a multiplier event at its headquarters in Larissa on January 27, 2022!

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the outline of the PRIORITY project and its objectives. Moreover, emphasis was given to the presentation of the PRIORITY e-learning platform and, particularly, in the online course that includes under the title PRIORITY-Young Mediator, which is addressed to young people who wish to become mediators and, thus, contribute to the social integration of young people originated from disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and refugees. By taking this lesson, trainees can start developing their intercultural and social skills as well as their critical thinking, which are a prerequisite for their active involvement and encouragement of their peers who are at risk of marginalization and/or radicalization. They were also informed about PRIORITY Hubs, the local spaces developed in four of the project partners’ cities (Larissa, Palermo, Sassari, and Dresden) with the aims to encourage young people from disadvantaged social groups, coming from a different social and cultural backgrounds, to interact and learn from each other, as well as to exchange experiences and visions.

The KAINOTOMIA team warmly thanks those who participated in the event, who, with their questions and observations during the presentation, made the event even more interesting and strengthened its informative character. Also, participants received information on how to register on the platform and the mobile application and how to use both of them in order to be benefited from the features they offer.