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Report on the 3rd EduDrone meeting in Poland

The third meeting for the Erasmus + KA2 project eduDrone “Drone technology training to boost EU entrepreneurship and industry 4.0”, took place on 7 September in Rzeszow, Poland. The meeting was hosted at Danmar Computers offices, located at 19 Hoffmanowej Street, 35-016 Rzeszow, Poland. During the meeting, the project partners Ludor Engineering, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest – CAMIS, Danmar Computers, Instituto per la Formazione, Occupazione e la Mobilità and “Kainotomia” Ke.Di.Vi.M2:
-discussed the progress of the project so far, both in terms of management and finances
-checked the IO1 Complete Intellectual Output (Guidelines on the Use of Drones in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and IO3 (Drone Technology Curriculum)
-discussed the evolution of IO2 intellectual Output (Guidelines for Industry 4.0 and Drone Entrepreneurship for VET students) and IO4 (Learning Management System (LMS)) and planned the following activities
-evaluated the contribution and involvement of each partner in the project so far
-set the foundations for future project activities
At the termination of the meeting, the partners set the date for the next transnational meeting to be held in February in Bologna, Italy.
What is EduDrone?
Ke.Di.Vi.M2 “Kainotomia” is involved as a partner in the implementation of the ‘Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices’ program entitled ‘Drone technology training to boost EU entrepreneurship and industry 4.0’, approved in September 2017 with a two-years duration. On November 13th and 14th, Ke.Di.Vi.M2 “Kainotomia” members participated in the kick-off meeting of the program, held in Iasi, Romania. It should be emphasized that the project is implemented in cooperation with 6 partners, from countries such as Italy, Poland, Romania and Greece, while the partners involved are universities and private companies.
The program is aimed at integrating new technologies in the field of entrepreneurship and industry. Drone Technology is a new form of technology that will deliver enormous benefits to entrepreneurship by enhancing productivity and economic growth and by making an urgent need the development of new educational tools.
The main objective of the program is to create a new training program focused on Drone technology. The integration of knowledge of Drone technology into training can contribute to the integration of working people from vulnerable social groups and people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to create their own business.
The program is targeted at the following target groups:
-Teachers, trainers, providers of Vocational Education and Training
-Trained students
-Trainees belonging to vulnerable groups and people with disabilities

Implementing the training of target groups on the application and use of drone technology will enhance:
-the skills of the trainers in the educational process evolving their professional activity and their professional profile
-the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences of trainees in industry and entrepreneurship with a view to developing their own business
-the provision of improved educational services directly linked to labor market needs and adapted to new technology trends by participating education and training organizations
-the acquisition of new opportunities to expand drone use activities, increasing the competitiveness and professional development of industry and business staff
For more information you can contact the Center of Lifelong Learning Kainotomia:
Contact Phone: 2410555590
111 Socrates Larissa