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Second Transnational Meeting for the FAMET project

We are pleased to announce that the second transnational meeting for the project “FAMET: Fostering Adult Migrant Entrepreneurial Training and Qualification” has been successfully conducted! The meeting was held online on September 9, 2020, with the participation of representatives of all partners-organizations and more specifically: Aalborg Universitet (Denmark), Crossing Borders (Denmark), KAINOTOMIA  (Greece), MARKEUT SKILLS -MEUS (Spain), Danmar Computers (Poland), EURO-NET (Italy).

The purpose of the meeting was:

  • to discuss the development of the first two Intellectual Outputs
  • to propose solutions and ideas in order to provide excellent quality results
  • to modify certain activities and redefine project deadlines
  • to plan the next dissemination activities
  • to discuss the availability of the partners in order to schedule the next meeting


Aim of the project:

The FAMET project aims to tackle the diverse and urgent needs of migrants on a European scale, fostering the migrant entrepreneurial spirit through education and qualification procedures and taking into account the human capital towards entrepreneurship as a parameter for economic stability and development.

The FAMET project offers:

  1. A concrete guidebook for migrants and refugees, tackling their needs
  2. Certification and personalized e-learning training based on the partcipant’s educational background (EQF levels)
  3. Counseling, empowerment and guidance through the mentoring process
  4. An Online Social Tool that will facilitate the end users including all project outputs.


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