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TeleGrow Final Transnational Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the final meeting of the Erasmus+ project Telegrow, which took place in Valencia, Spain, on 7 and 8 February 2020, was a great success!

The two-day meeting brought together project partners from Spain, Poland, Greece, France and Italy for the purpose of evaluating the results of the Telegrow project, which promotes the development of digital skills for employees under 50 years old who telework. The partners presented the results of the project, the evaluation results and methods for the sustainability of the project. The partners agreed on making the learning environment safe and accessible to all members of the Telegrow community.

Moreover, the meeting was a great opportunity for partners to exchange experiences about the implementation of the project in their respective countries. The partners shared their lessons learned and identified possible future actions and opportunities to improve the project’s outputs and sustainability.

All in all, it was a great honor to attend the final meeting of the Telegrow Erasmus+ project and witness all the partners’ hard work and enthusiasm to collaborate on an international level and adjust to the needs of the project.

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