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The HateBusters online campaign is officially initiated!

The HateBusters online campaign is officially initiated. The purpose of this 3month campaign is to raise awareness about hate speech and cyberbullying, their different forms and aspects, their impact on young people, and of course ways to recognize, report, and combat those phenomena. It is time for you to join this great initiative and be a HateBuster Super Hero.

Our partnership has planned a series of online activities, podcasts, videos, and Instagram stories and for young people to create a bottom-up approach and engage more youngsters in this great effort of combating hate speech and cyberbullying.

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During this campaign, you will have also the opportunity to navigate through the project’s results which have already been published and are ready to be used and further exploited among your peers. Those results include:

  1. The HateBusters Guide: How to Build a bottom-up campaign against Hate, a digital guide that addresses young activists, youth workers, and members of organizations, associations, or grassroots movements with the aim to:
    • offer them theoretical and practical knowledge for the proper recognition, identification, and classification of different forms of hate speech and its impact on young people
    • introduce the self-regulation theory and mindfulness as well as individual and social responsibility of young people and human rights education as central elements of a democratic and pluralistic digital and offline society against hate
    • equip them with the know-how, tools, and methods for building a bottom-up campaign against the perceiving and rising problem of hate speech.
  2. Four Educational and Awareness Building Videos
  3. “The Lazy Person’s Guide to become a HateBuster”, a guide to mobilise young people and engage them
  4. The HateBusters mobile app will have the aim to educate both young people and youth workers on real-life cases of hate speech. The app also includes information about how to recognize hate speech, different levels of hate speech, and how to respond/address it. The app will have two profiles one for youth workers-educators and one for young people. The app apart from the information part will include a simulation game where the user will choose a profile and he/she will respond to hate speech cases.

All these materials and even more await you to discover them within the next 3 months!

Stay tuned to our social media!😊