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The resutls of the EUCYCLE Project

In the framework of the EUCYCLE project, two very important tools have been developed, which aim to support stakeholders and citizens to deepen their knowledge and practices regarding the circular economy and sustainability.

One of them is the Ebook of Good Practices. This includes practical recommendations from European businesses and organizations that promote the circular economy system.

The project partners carried out a survey of available tools, websites, and actions carried out in each country where the partners come from. Thus, through the research, several practices emerged, which the partners evaluated and came up with a collection of those that can be found available in the Ebook.

In addition, the Methodology Guide, which is the second output of the project, includes ways in which organizations, universities, and other actors from the countries where the partners operate, transfer and use the theoretical background available in order to promote circular economic practices and processes.

Regarding the criteria set, the partners emphasized the sustainability and usefulness of the practice, their innovative nature, the changes they are going to bring about, and, finally, the possibility of implementing the action in other places.

Both the Ebook and the Methodologies Guide will be available on the official project website and you can keep up to date with its completion by subscribing to the project newsletter.