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The RETAIL project “shuts down”!

The RETAIL, “Retailers Partnership Promoting Education for the Transition of the Industry Toward Enduring Business Model”, project is now completed! It was implemented from 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2021 as a result of the collaboration between 7 partners from Ireland (2), Spain (2), Poland (2), and Greece (1). Its purpose is to provide support through innovative training and practical education to three main target groups for boosting and upscaling their participation in the retail sector.

The target groups consist of entrepreneurs from the retail sector, youth and unemployed people who are interested in finding a job in the retail sector, and also VET stakeholders along with other business and educational entities, which are going to be beneficiaries of the relevant developed content and methodology. The participants were involved in both the testing and the evaluation of the developed training content.

Upon the completion of the RETAIL project, the following 4 Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were developed:

  • IO1: Entrepreneurs training package, intended for experienced entrepreneurs and managers of the retail sector, which includes content that aims to assist them in the pursuit of change in their business approach and practices.
  • IO2: Youth and unemployed training package, which includes content that aims to support those who are interested in pursuing a career in the retail labour market by providing them with the necessary digital skills and introducing them to the context of sustainable retailing.
  • IO3: Intergenerational Collaborative Training Modules that comprise the content of the first two IOs through an intergenerational approach in order to promote innovation-driven dialogue and collaboration amongst the target groups.
  • IO4: Cooperative online platform, which is an e-learning platform that serves as a hub for all the three aforementioned IOs. The platform also provided learners with modules’ certificates of completion!

During the 24-month course of this project, there have been 5 transnational meetings (1 face to face and 4 virtual ones) between the partners and one online intergeneration LTTA (Learning, Teaching and Training Activity) that was carried out for 5 days in September 2021 with the presence of many experienced retailers and aspiring retail entrepreneurs. The training was based on the Intergenerational Training Modules and all participants along with the staff member shared and exchanges useful knowledge and experiences!

Find out more about the RETAIL project here:

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