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Third Transnational Meeting for the RETAIL project

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and the follow up restrictions, the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting that was initially scheduled to be organized in Poland was transferred to the “Skype” world.

Τhe Partnership of RETAIL: “Retailers Partnership Promoting Education for the Transition of the Industry Toward Enduring Business Models” project came together once more to discuss about the progress of the tasks and the design of the next phases of projects’ implementation. More specifically, partners discussed and analyzed

  • the procedures to be followed for the user testing of Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2
  • the structure and content development for the Intellectual Output 3
  • The visualization, frames and content of the Intellectual Output 4, e-learning platform and finally,
  • the dissemination, communication and quality numbers achieved thus far!

Partner also exchanged information on the current situation of retail sector and retail enterprises in each national context Spain, Poland, Greece and Ireland and shared their concerns regarding the impact of Covid10 on the projects’ activities and especially the testing process, which is the next implementation step! However, we all stay positive and we hope that we will be able to meet in person for our next Transnational Meeting!

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