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Implementation Period

15/02/2019 – 14/02/2021


Project Number


Summary of the project

DARE: DisAble the barRiErs is a 24 month project that has as an aim to empower youth organizations and youth workers into implementing more inclusive youth mobility projects for young people with special needs and especially young people with visual/hearing/physical impairments through 4 innovative products (DARE practical guide of inclusion, DARE manual of empowerment, Truth and Dare Space and DARE app).

Project Objectives

  • support the capacity building of youth workers and youth organizations in implementing high quality youth mobility inclusive projects involving young PwVHPI
  • open up youth work to cross-sectorial cooperation allowing greater synergies across fields of social inclusion actions concerning young PwVHPI
  • foster volunteering among young people and increase the peer support from young people towards young PwVHPI
  • foster social inclusion of young PwVHPI, taking into account the underlying European values by making organizations-youth NGOs that realize mobilities-more accessible to them
  • increase the level of active participation of young PwVHPI to local and EU level through raising awareness about Erasmus+ Youth Mobility Projects and increasing their participation number in these projects

Dare Outputs

The DARE practical guide for inclusion will be a 50 pages guide with tips, methods and examples/good practices on the inclusion of young people with Visual, Hearing of Physical Impairments (PwVHPI) for organization members, Youth organizations, Youth Workers, Trainers and educators, project managers that are active in the field of Erasmus+ mobility including implementing short/long term youth mobilities (youth exchanges, mobilities of youth workers and EVS or European Solidarity Corps). The aim of the practical guide is to equip both youth organizations and associations as well as youth workers, trainers and educators with the necessary knowledge and encourage them in order to involve more young PwVHPI, and implement more inclusive activities and mobilities towards them.

The 2nd intellectual output will be a digital storytelling handbook of empowerment that will be designed for both young PwVHPI and young people without any disability, that wish to become DARE ambassadors. The DARE digital storytelling handbook will have as an aim to equip young PwVHPI and/or young people in general with knowledge, skills and attitudes in order for them to support other young PwVHPI that wish to take part in Erasmus Plus Mobility projects and become more active citizens in their environment. The DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook (D.ST. Handbook) will be based on the digital storytelling method and will contain audiovisual material and media scoping to be more interactive to the youth audience. There will also be editions of the handbook designed for young people with visual or hearing impairments.

The Truth and DARE Space will be especially designed to connect youth workers, trainers, educators, organization members and training centers directly with young People with Visual, Hearing or Physical Impairments (PwVHPI). Its aim will be to provide a communication and e-learning space among the above groups and improve and increase the mobility opportunities for young PwVHPI.

– Truth e-learning space: in total 10 e-learning modules will be developed and uploaded in the DARE e-platform. Five for youth workers, educators, trainers, youth leaders that have as an aim to increase the skills, competences of youth workers that want to work with young PwVHPI, and five modules will be designed for young PwVHPI and young people in general that wish to become DARE ambassadors and support their peers.

– DARE communication and info space: this space of the platform will be dedicated to facilitate and ease the info provision and communication between Young PwVHPI and youth workers, educators, NGO members etc.

The IO4 is an innovative app especially made for the needs of young PwVHPI that want to explore and be informed about the opportunities of the youth mobilities of Erasmus Plus. The DARE mobile app will be a source of information for young PwVHPI and will also connect them with volunteers around the world and DARE ambassadors. Our aim is the DARE mobile app to become a useful digital tool for young PwVHPI so that they will feel better empowered into participating more in existing or even create future opportunities using Erasmus

The Partnership

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. – applicant organization, Dresden, German

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Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing opportunities for young people and adults to develop and use their soft and professional skills and stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship through non-formal learning methods. Located in Dresden, Germany, JKPeV is dedicated to promoting the EU citizenship and active participation of its citizens.

Aforisma  – partner, Pisa, Italy

more info
Aforisma is a cooperative specialized in long life education. It is a part of the ACLI (Italian Workers’ Christian Association) network that is one of the most important in Italy for vocational training. Aforisma is accredited by Tuscany regional Government as a training provider and with the Italian Ministry of Labour as an Employment Agency. Aforisma was established in 2006 and is constantly expanding its activities.

Ke.Di.Vi.M2 KAINOTOMIA – partner, Larissa, Greece

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“KAINOTOMIA” is a Center for Lifelong Learning (I.C.L.L) in Greece, operating in the field of Vocational education and training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuous vocational training programs targeted at unemployed people, educators of all education levels, students of higher education, employed/self-employed persons and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and the society in general, through innovative close to market programs.

Danmar Computers LLC – partner, Rzeszow, Poland

more info
Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners. During 18 years, Danmar has successfully implemented over 100 projects within Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Progress and recently Erasmus+.

Kreisau-Initiative – partner, Berlin, Germany

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The Kreisau-Initiative was founded in the summer of 1989 by East and West Berliners in order to support the establishment and work of an international meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. Together with the Polish Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, we initiate activities aimed towards building a Europe of democracy, openness and solidarity. We organise youth meetings, workshops, conferences and seminars.

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DARE Practical Guide for Inclusion DARE Digital Storytelling Handbook of Empowerment


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DARE Multiplier Event

DARE Multiplier Event

Our Lifelong Learning Centre , as a partner of the European program Erasmus + KA2 DARE: DisAble the baRriErs", organized an event that was held on 28 July 2019, at 12:00 in our facilities: Socrates 111, 41336, Larissa! It was a two-hours event where the four (4) innovative results of the program were presented and [...]
IO4: The DARE App is now Ready !

IO4: The DARE App is now Ready !

The DARE mobile app is the source of information for young people with Visual, Hearing or Physical Impairments, volunteers around the world, DARE Ambassadors and trainers. Take advantage of Erasmus+ youth mobility opportunities! Explore, be informed and connect with others! The digital resource is divided into five modules: Erasmus+ info section My mobility, my rights […]

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