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As outlined in the 2018 EC document ‘Enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market,’ digital solutions for healthcare can increase the well-being of millions of citizens and radically change the way healthcare is delivered to patients. Emerging technologies such 4G/5G mobile, AI, IOT, big data, block chain, robots, drones, 3D Printing, Virtual & Augmented Reality are some means by which healthcare professionals will be increasingly supported in their work, all aimed towards enhancing inter-professional cooperation and ultimately personalized patientcare. As a result of these technologies, we are starting to see the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on healthcare, known as Health4.0. Thus, healthcare trainers of disciplines such physiotherapy and podiatry need to be urgently assisted to catch up with the range of digital technology advancements taking place due to Health4.0. At the same time, as working adults, healthcare personnel have a difficulty to find the time to attend continuous professional development (CPD) courses. Nevertheless, these adult workers need to be supported learning about digital technologies infiltrating the health sector. For this reason, VET trainers as well as healthcare mentors need a Toolkit with an open repository of relevant training resources to aid them in helping healthcare personnel catch up with HEALTH4.0 technologies even in work-based settings.

Digi4Health Outputs

Output O1 will be an original and innovative Curriculum generated by all digiHEALTH partners under the guidance of the curriculum design experts within the consortium coming mainly from UPB-CAMIS and Kainotomia together with healthcare stakeholders INHWE. As the 4th industrial revolution will impact different health sector stakeholders, the curriculum will be designed to cater for issues related to both patients and healthcare workers. Thus, the curriculum is expected to cover a spectrum of Health 4.0 topics to allow a range of healthcare personnel such as general practitioners, podiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses to understand better what HEALTH4.0 is all about and how its underlying technologies can be exploited in their daily work when dealing with
patients. The curriculum is intended to target explicitly VET learners and healthcare workers. Part of the work related to curriculum design is to also explore and consider the type of content (e.g. notes, case-studies, powerpoint presentations, fact sheets etc.) that should be offered for different topics to
maximize effective knowledge transfer. This will be again explored with focus group participants.

Output O2 will be an original set of twelve descriptive case-studies (in PDF format) outlining how different Health4.0 technologies can be used by a range of healthcare personnel. Each Health4.0 technology case-study will thus outline how this specific technology (eg. CADCAM) can be exploited
in three (3) different health sectors (eg. podiatrists, physiotherapists, dentists). The case-studies will be designed with a mix of text and images and/or icons and also make us of keywords, so that both VET Learners/health mentors and healthcare workers can search for and retrieve the right casestudy when required. Where appropriate, the case-study will also include images and/or links to external sources (e.g. online video clips publicly available). In addition, three from twelve of the case studies
to be developed will make use of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality technology for enhancing the content contained within the case-study to make a better impact on health sector learners.

Output O3 will be original VET training material and resources covering a spectrum of Health 4.0 topics to allow a range of healthcare personnel such as general practitioners, podiatrists, physiotherapists and nurses to learn on Health4.0. This training material will be used by VET trainers and healthcare mentors to update the skills of these personnel with knowledge of challenges and opportunities brought about with digitization of the healthcare sector. The training material will be generated in a modular way to have both generic study units (e.g. Background To CADCAM Technology as well as healthcare discipline specific training material (Application of CADCAM in the Dental Sector).
The training resources will consist of a set of PowerPoint presentations for use by the trainers as well as twelve A4 fact sheets (in PDF format) providing concise information on the different technologies eventually defined as relevant for HEALTH4.0 in the curriculum (O1). These fact sheets are intended for use by the learners (healthcare professionals) to help tease their interest in the topic with the aim of motivating them to delve deeper into the topic by later covering more detailed material provided in the PowerPoint presentations.

Output O4 will be an original e-Learning Platform aimed at allowing a range of healthcare personnel such as general practitioners, podiatrists, physiotherapists and nurses to follow the training material developed in O3 on Health4.0 and its technologies. The LMS platform will be implemented in such a way as to enable it to effectively run from different operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. This will ensure that a wider base of health sector personnel/learners can access the content both from home and at work. In addition, the LMS will be implemented in such a way that these different healthcare personnel will be able to access Health4.0 topics relevant to their profession. For this purpose, the LMS stucture will be modular and have both generic content (e.g. Background To Rapid Prototyping) as well as healthcare discipline specific topics (e.g. RP as used
by Podiatrists for foot orthotics).

As O5 will be an open type VET educational resources, it is expected to have a major impact on European VET trainers and healthcare mentors beyond the digi4HEALTH consortium too, as this Toolkit will give them open access to a range of digital resources they can use and even customize for their own training needs. As the project partner INHWE has a range of members both from Europe and beyond, O5 will be exposed to a spectrum of VET Trainers, mentors and learners in the healthcare sector. As a consequence of O5, a large number of European VET trainers and healthcare mentors will be able to exploit the digi4HEALTH toolkit from which many European learners and thus healthcare personnel will benefit.

The Partnership


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MECB Ltd is a Malta based Excellence Consulting Bureau, dedicated to driving excellence & innovation support through the provision of relevant, multidisciplinary, high-quality technical consulting services, research and training services as well as EU project partnering services. MECB Ltd is registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority as private limited liability company with registration number C 37773. In addition, MECB is a corporate member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, registration number: C016/05 and of relevance to this project, also a member of the EU Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition. Our staff members are experienced in a range of fields as reflected from scientific publications and/or past projects. These include 3D Modelling, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Technological Entrepreneurship, 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Systems, Innovation & Creativity Methods; Sustainable Development, Lifelong learning, e-Learning. MECB has staff that can develop courseware on a range of topics at levels EQF 5, 6 and 7 and also generate scorm compliant e-Learning content for a range of platforms including IOS, Windows and Android. MECB has currently 12 paid staff members, registered with JobsPlus in Malta.


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University Politehnica of Bucharest is the largest Technical University in Romania greatly contributing to the development of Higher Education in the country. It has a vast range of expertise in fostering innovation and creativity in Technical Engineering, including the novel concepts of Industry 4.0, these
concepts being taught to students for several years. This expertise, relevant to this project on digital Health includes courses on CAD/CAM technologies, 3D Printing, robotics and 3D Scanning. The academic and technical staff of one of its research and innovation center UPB-CAMIS, has experience in modern and innovative engineering technologies for Industry 4.0 including 3D Printing and Virtual and Augmented technologies within the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems (EMTS). Theoretical and practical knowledge on principles of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing (that includes 3D printing technologies) are among the competences that our students gain by the end of their BSc studies.The CAMIS RDI center, has a vast experience with EU projects.


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Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. More than 350 companies have been incubated here with a success rate exceeding 90%. Today, we integrate more than 100 companies from IT sector, high tech sector, consultancies, advertisement & publishing companies and associated members. More than 90% employees of Kaunas Science and Technology Park companies are graduates, students or current academic staff of Kaunas University of Technology. The ICT cluster Digital Rocket LT was founded at Kaunas Science and Technology Park. There are more than 100 companies, most of them – 45 % working in ICT sector. More than 300 professionals belong to ICT companies. The ICT cluster Digital Rocket LT is a collaboration between companies and science institutions, combining competence and coordination of activities to produce unique products and sell them to large customers. Digital Rocket LT was founded in the largest innovation community in Lithuania at Kaunas Science and Technology Park.

International Network for Health Workforce Education-partner, Barcelona, Spain

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The International Network for Health Workforce Education (INHWE) strives to bridge the gap between health workforce educators, researchers and policy makers as part of its commitment to improving the education and training provided to health professionals internationally. INHWE is a free
membership organisation that promotes knowledge exchange to improve the training of health professionals in Europe and beyond. We passionately believe that health workforce education needs to realise and benefit from the great potential that lies in our diverse, knowledge-rich, global society and the best way to achieve this is to tap into the expansive knowledge resources of the global health workforce education community. INHWE is the first truly international, inter-professional, and multistakeholder free membership network with 1500 members from across the globe with the significant majority of those residing within Europe.

Ke.Di.Vi.M2 KAINOTOMIA – partner, Larisa, Greece

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KAINOTOMIA is a Vocational Education and Training Institution which was founded in 2013 by a group of people with an expertise and a lifelong commitment to the subject of learning. The goal of the KAINOTOMIA is the implementation of continuous vocational training programs targeted at
youth, unemployed people, educators of all education levels, students of higher education, employed/self-employed persons and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and the society in general. To strengthen our beneficiaries’ capacities for their labour transition we provide Career Guidance and Counseling in close cooperation with regional stakeholder networks and according to individual needs. KAINOTOMIA is certified from the Aristotle Certification Training and Assessment of the
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a member of Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries (STHEV). Therefore, we have a strong network of approximately 60 collaborating Associations and partners in Greece and Europe. We work closely with national Universities and collaborate with local, regional and national institutions developing studies about Active Labour Market Policies, entrepreneurship, skills upgrading in business, guidance, training and labour integration of unemployed.


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Senior Europa (Kveloce I+D+i) is an SME specialized in the development, implementation and exploitation of R&D projects and their funding, with a history of more than 10 years. Kveloce research lines focus on the area of health innovation and social innovation, in particular socio-economic impact
assessment of innovation, circular economy and human behavior; new business models and social innovation; participatory processes, co-creation and new governance models; ICT user friendly solutions for capacity building, communication and dissemination.
Kveloce I+D+i has strong expertise in training activities addressed to SMEs and Research and Education Centres including VET centers but also Business Confederations and Chambers of Commerce all around Spain (e.g. Alicante, Valencia, Navarra and Cantabria, among others). The company has implemented a relevant number of courses and specific seminars as well as virtual and online learning platforms and is also involved in academic initiatives, participating and contributing with its expertise, for example, to the EBT Master of Creation and Management of Technological Based Innovative Business, at the University of Valencia.
Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

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Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci

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