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Implementation Period

15/10/2022 – 14/10/2024

Project Number


Summary of the project

The e-SELLER project is a 24-month Erasmus+ project. It aims to foster the retail sector’s digital transformation, focusing on the EU’s rural areas, where the retail workforce lacks the needed digital skills and competencies to meet emerging e-retail demands.

The world is in the middle of a cross-sectoral digital transformation, incited up to a point by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, affecting everyday life, society, and the economy. This also applies to the retail sector and its digitalization process with the use of new technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.), which demand new skills, competences, and policy strategies.

Through its results and activities, the e-SELLER project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • to equip VET providers/trainers with an effective and attractive education and training program in line with the rural retail workforce’s individual needs and expectations, through the use of digital and inclusive educational content
  • to prepare and aware the Chambers/Associations staff to adjust their policies and approaches with the aim to better support competitiveness and employment at their local and regional level
  • to link the rural labour market demands with the VET sector, through synergies and cooperation with partners from other countries
  • to increase the knowledge capacity of the participating partner organizations
  • to disseminate the project results and activities at local/regional, national, and EU levels.

During the lifecycle of the project, three results will be produced:

a) a Digital E-retail Report describing the current situation of the retail sector in rural areas,

b) a Training Programme in order to enhance the participants’ skills and expand their knowledge and finally,

c) an e-platform with useful and educational material.


Project Results


It will be an e-book containing the 3 national reports (Germany, Greece, Poland), where the digital skills, needs, and challenges of the retail workforce in rural areas of the EU will be described as a result of research that will be conducted.


It will be a set of modules regarding technologies and soft skills that can be utilized in e-retail. It will also include a set of video tutorials containing examples of how these technologies can be used in e-retail along with a set of rotating e-cards containing scenarios regarding soft skills application to work-based experiences in e-retail.


It will be an e-platform divided into 3 sub-platforms, one for the training modules, one for the rotating e-card scenarios, and one for the videos video tutorials. It will also include self-assessment quizzes to provide its final users an opportunity for self-regulated learning and monitoring their learning process.

The Partnership


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The Westdeutscher Handwerkskammertag (WHKT – West German Chambers of Crafts and SkilledTrades’ Council) is in North Rhine-Westphalia, with registered offices in Düsseldorf, and is the regional council representing and joining together the seven Chambers of Crafts and Skilled Trades in North Rhine Westphalia with their 188.800 small and medium-sized enterprises, 1.1 million employees and an annual turnover of 116.4billion Euro.
Notwithstanding the independence of the individual chambers, it has the following tasks:
• coordination of opinions about the uniform implementation of the joint tasks of the Chambers of Crafts
and Skilled Trades,
• representing the common concerns of the Chambers of Crafts and Skilled Trades vis-à-vis the state
government and the senior state authorities,
• maintaining the relations of the Chambers of Crafts and Skilled Trades with the other craft and
skilled trades organizations, industry, universities, and scientific institutions,
• implementing joint measures at the state level in the interest of all crafts and skilled trades,
• carrying out special tasks.
The specialist topics prioritized by the WHKT include craft and trade & industry law, organisational matters and vocational training, and schools’ policy. In addition, the WHKT deals with economic observations and statistics, expert consultants, planning and environmental matters, Europe, multimedia, design and programming, and PR work.

KAINOTOMIA – partner, Greece

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“KAINOTOMIA” is a level two Lifelong Learning Centre (K.DI.VI.M) in Greece, which is active in the field of Vocational Education and Training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuing vocational training programmes for unemployed people, teachers of all levels of education, higher education students, employees/self-employed and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and society in general, through innovative programmes. “KAINOTOMIA” provides consultancy services to enterprises and support and advisory services to trainees to facilitate their (re)entry into the labour market. “KAINOTOMIA” has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise in training in modern fields, combining them with those that are in high demand in the labour market in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainees for their integration into the labour market. Furthermore, “KAINOTOMIA” participates in co-funded national programmes called “local development and entrepreneurship projects for unemployed people based on specific local needs and development potential.

Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries – partner, Greece

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The Association of Thessalian Industries & Enterprises (STHEV) is the heart of the economic activity and business world in Thessaly and it also represents an established social partner, who resolutely contributes to the creation of favourable conditions which are in favour of business activities and of all economic development in general. The Association was founded in 1957 in Larissa and it has members businesses and industries from various sectors. With its extensive experience STHEV has developed trust and cooperation relationships with its members.
STHEV basically aims at development based on powerful production methods and the competitiveness of the economy, but with special respect to the environment. As far as STHEV is concerned the central medium for this development is private initiative. The company is the heart of what we call free market economy and private initiative. It is the Association’s obligation to defend private initiatives and to motivate the business world of Thessaly to correspond to society’s needs.

Europe Unlimited e.V – partner, Germany

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The non-profit association Europe Unlimited e.V. was founded in 2015 with the aim of designing, implementing and testing measures and actions that can serve to break down prejudices and borders among people of all walks of life and ages through understanding, encounters and intercultural learning, and to enable cross-border cultural exchange at the European level.Europe Unlimited sees its role and its special strength in bringing together experts from different fields under a common roof in order to be able to use their complementary expertise optimally in the sense of the statutory goals.

Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza w Katowicach – partner, Poland

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice is a non-governmental institution with more than 500 members which are mostly SME companies. The Chamber focus on the support of SMEs in the Silesian region. It legalizes documents, provides workshops and seminars for companies, and provides legal support. They also promote internationalization activities among the members.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice was established by 103 founders on 13th February 1990 and registered on 21st March 1990. It is an organization of economic self-government, which associates with business entities. The Chamber holds a legal status based on the Economic Chambers’ Act from 30th May 1989 and its own Statute. The CCI in Katowice continues the tradition of the Chamber of Commerce founded in Katowice in 1922 and the Silesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which functioned in years 1927-1950.


More info
Danmar Computers is a VET company providing training in the field of Information Technology and developing e-learning and customised ICT solutions. Danmar Computers has also designed and developed a project management system – AdminProject, which is currently the only product on the market dedicated to the management of European projects.
Besides expertise related to IT area, Danmar has experience of many years of carrying out European Union educational programs including Progress, Transfer of Innovation, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig Partnerships, currently Erasmus+ and HORIZON2020. Within the framework of the projects the company employees work on methodologies, conduct needs analysis, elaborate reports, design curricula and provide training – all as an answer to the needs and wants of specific target groups. As the IT sector is a natural field of activity of Danmar Computers, the company often creates various IT tools that support project activities (e-learning platforms, mobile applications, ebooks, video tutorials and other interactive digital solutions). DANMAR has experienced staff members, whose competencies will be fully utilized in the implementation of this project.

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Training within the framework of the European e-SELLER project

Within the framework of the European e-SELLER project, the Lifelong Learning Centre KAINOTOMIA conducted training on the application of advanced technologies and communication skills in the field of e-commerce. The training took place from 22 to 24 January 2024. Technological issues such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, SEO and automated commerce were approached. In the [...]
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