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  • Program title: «Innovative VET Curricula Development and Career
  • Guidance for Learners with Special Needs
  • Action: CA1- Learning mobility of people Mobility of EU learners and staff
  • Project Duration: 01/06/2015 – 01/06/2016 (12 months)
  • Mobility Duration: 24/01/2016 – 06/02/2016 (14 days)
  • Partners: – DVVM2 Innovation-
    -MBM Training and Development Center, UK


The project “Innovative VET Curricula Development and Career Guidance for Learners with Special Needs” envisions the learning mobility of individuals. 22 VET staff (trainers, career development consultants and VET managers) will be trained for 14 working days in the UK in collaboration with the MBM Development and Training Center.

The project addresses the urgent need to develop more appropriate Career Services in Greece for people with disabilities and invests in designing creative and innovative VET practices to meet the needs of the labor market and the needs of VET trainees in Europe. Bridging the gap of Greek educational strategies in the field of LSN integration involving VET groups, the program aims to study UK good practice, providing an extensive pool of professionals with the opportunity to work daily in vocational education and training institutions to cope with the complexities of multiculturalism. VET trainees’ needs. In addition, it seeks to study British and European initiatives to support students with disabilities through vocational support and counseling as well as career guidance. On the other hand, learning mobility seeks to study vocational education and training courses offered with innovative tailor-made and supervised pupils during all different educational stages and at all stages of transition. It is therefore about methods and approaches to human resources education with a professional background and qualifications to support all VET students. Our trainees are interested in learning how we, as VET providers, could design inclusive, innovative LSN-friendly programs that take into account the socio-economic realities and developments of their respective regions, as well as related vocational education and training programs. closely with the skills required in the local labor market.

The overall objective of the project is to implement VET mobility for educational program managers who seek to maximize the integration of students with disabilities into educational initiatives by adapting the counseling career of people with disabilities and designing a hospitable and professional environment education and training. The aims of the project are to utilize staff mobility practice in the United Kingdom with the aim of providing vocational education and training trainers, our career counselors and program managers with knowledge and skills to help them optimize delivery practices. VET and professional guidance services for LSNs by: providing appropriate, effective organizational training structures (program planning) VET and management (tailored to the needs of the LSN), training of support staff:: vocational education and training trainers, managers, career counselors, with the support of designing personalized and innovative LSN-friendly VET curricula and finally by promoting the use of experiential and supportive technology in VET education for LSN.

During learning mobility, our staff will study the UK Specialization in Educational Organization within Organizational Structures, follow Special Student Support Personnel practices, work with Mentors and Organizer and Adapters during pre-educational training.
Our staff will participate in additional training chapters and tailored learning access and training courses. Our trainees will also focus on Educational Tradition: Customized Course Design, studying accessible forms of learning, multilevel curricula and flexible delivery, as well as different types of Assistive Technology Assistants. Special emphasis will be given to Education and Development, under the MBM TCD under the name Special Responsibility Education, which covers a range of disability issues and strategies to address LSN learning needs, as well as a description of legal obligations, communication strategies, customer service strategies and providing customized options to adapt the VET environment to learners’ specific needs.

The learning methodology will be non-formal, inclusive and interactive, providing an open learning platform for professional and intercultural exchange between Greek and British partners.
The potential long-term benefits of the project lie within the European development of our efforts towards innovative VET professional guidance services, giving trainees an opportunity to analyze comparatively British and Greek experiences and look for mechanisms for future British and Greek collaboration projects. education and training. Addressing the European trend of promoting access and innovative VET LSN-friendly opportunities, the project allows for flexibility at various stages of the vocational education and training system and the provision of appropriate and reciprocal resources as well as adapting vocational education and training programs to specific needs and abilities of each student.