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Preparation of Candidates for the Entrance Examination of the National School of Public Administration and Governance (ECHR)

Preparation of Candidates for the Entrance Examination of the National School of Public Administration and Governance (ECHR)

The Center of Lifelong Learning “Kainotomia” is launching a new round of preparation for the next ECHR Entrance Competition (National School of Public Administration and Governance) and offers comprehensive courses for candidate preparation.

Target Audience:

The following audience are eligible to participate in the competition:

  • Holders of AEI or TEI diplomas of a foreign or equivalent foreign degree [the exchange is evidenced by a Certificate from the Interdisciplinary Organization for the Recognition of Academic Degrees and Information (DOATAP-ex-DATA) of the summary of the notice as set out in Articles 4-8 of the Official Code (p.6).
  • Employees of public services, public and local government organizations who hold a Higher Education Degree or a Technological Institution Degree

Candidates shall, within the deadline set by the ECHR, draw up a complete application form for the first phase, with the following:

  1. Registration of personal information in the online application
  2. Print and sign an online application.
  3. Completion and signing of the Declaration under article 8 of Law 1599/1986 according to the status of each candidate:

-Men private Individuals

-Women private Individuals

-Public servants

  1. Post or submit by proof (registered letter) the above, to the Department of Administrative and Educational Support of ECHR (Piraeus 211 and 2 Thrace, PC 177 78, TAVROS gr. 501)

Applications unaccepted are those that:

  1. A) are registered only electronically.
  2. B) they are filed electronically and are not submitted in print and signed by the applicant / applicant in the ECHR or are not mailed for proof within the prescribed time limit.

* Applicants with physical disabilities are required to submit additional documents.

Registration documents:

1.Application for Registration (provided by the Lifelong Learning Center M2 “Kainotomia”).

2.Copy of Police Identity Card.

3.Official copy of a document stating VAT and ID.

4.Degree copy.

5.Master’s Degree Copy (if available).

6.Copy of Certificate of Excellence in Foreign Language or Languages.

7.Birth or Marriage Certificate for Male Candidates indicating the Male Registration Community and the Military Registration Number.

8.Five hundred (500 €) deposit.

Clarifications on the program:

-The cost of the teaching material (full notes) is included in the tuition.

-Candidates will be free of charge for the Topic Dossier.

-Course hours count neither the hours of the exams nor the times of repetition.

-Extra communication with teachers, live via internet (Skype, etc.), with a charge of 25 € per hour at predetermined hours.

Competition Pages

It comprises a mandatory written examination of one of the three (3)  subjects assigned to the candidates by the Selection Committee (Chairman of the Central Examination Committee, Director of the ECHR and three (3)   experts), for the two (2) below units:

Module 1: “Organization & Functioning of the State” – examination time 2 hours

Module 2: “Microeconomics – Macroeconomics – Public Finance” – exam duration 2 hours

Module 3: “Knowledge and Skills” is tested with 50 multiple choice questions, with a 1-hour exam duration.

The first Stage is held within 3 days and there is a time limit for announcing the successful 1st Stage candidates who will progress to the 2nd Stage after submitting their other supporting documents such as: Certificates of Excellence.

“Topical Folder” is conducted by written and oral test of the candidates. The written test is carried out by developing a topic / question (3 hours long) on the contents of the file and then the candidate will be verbally examined / presented to the five-member panel. The dossier on a topical topic includes topics related to: Legal, scientific analysis, journalistic articles, statistics on a topic that has been current, e.g. about the state and its functions, international relations, Greek and European economy, environment, media and media, labor relations, social institutions and culture. The purpose of this module is to assess the ability to manage situations in a limited time as well as the analytical and synthetic abilities of the candidate, so it is not necessary for the oral examination to focus solely on the subject. Candidates are examined orally in alphabetical order, divided into groups of five (5).

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