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Private Security Personnel

Private Security Personnel

97% exam success, more than 250 trainees
The Center for Lifelong Learning KAINOTOMIA offers specialized Private Security Staff training programs. These programs lead to Certification by KEMEA & EOPPEP and the acquisition of the Private Security License (SECURITY license) in accordance with the specifications of KEMEA & EOPPEP.

The Lifelong Learning Center KAINOTOMIA is a specialized Lifelong Learning Center, well organized and infrastructure certified by EOPPEP (National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) and KEMEA in every level. The programs are implemented based on the exam period, while the success rate on the last exams is 100%.
Program duration
For all security personnel specialties are provided with a basic training of 105 training hours in 20 days, with courses of 4-6 hours / day.

Security Personnel Training Program Topics:

• Private Security: Work Environment, International Trends and Greek Reality
• Penal Code
• Criminal Procedure
• Special Criminal Laws
• Introduction to Security
• Private security personnel profile
• Response to incidents
• Installation Security
• Equipment, Tools & Ways to Protect IEPYA
• Protection of Persons
• Fire Safety & Technology Accident Response
• Provision of first aid.
Program Value
1. Training Program Value: 350 €
Subscription (at least 1 month before start): 320 €
2. Fees for Certification Examinations at KEMEA & EOPEPEP: 150 € (in KEMEA & EOPPEP accounts).

Payment Methods of Training Program
1.50% down payment of the program value upon enrollment and the remainder at the start of training.
2.One-off payment of the value of the program.
In one of the following ways:
-In person by cash in KeDiViM2 Innovation
–Deposit to Piraeus Bank Account: GR45-0172-6140-0056- 1406-8120-451
In six (6) monthly free installments using a credit card (POS)

What supporting documents are required from the person concerned?
For the Application for Enrollment in the Lifelong Learning Center 2 INNOVATION:

1. Registration Form (provided by Lifelong Learning Center 2 Innovations)
2. Copy of Police Identity Card
3. Official copy of a document stating VAT and ID
4. Payment of the amount of the program value by the above payment methods.

For his participation in the KEMEA & EOPPEP Certification Exams:

1. Application form for participation (posted on KEMEA & EOPPEP site).
2. Recent photo of applicant, type of identity (color or black and white).
3. Two-sided photocopy of ID card or in case that the identification does not exist, photocopy of the passport’s critical pages (namely those stating the number and identity of the holder or residence permit) or a photocopied copy of the relevant application residence permit of the competent authority. If the above does not indicate the date of birth and / or the name of the father, a birth certificate must also be provided.
4. Some of the following:
• Original Training Certificate (from Lifelong Learning Center KAINOTOMIA)
• Clear copy of work permit
• or insurance stamps
• or legitimate employer certifications
• or tax or insurance or other evidence of professional experience.
5. Original receipts for bank deposit (totaling € 150.00) showing the name and surname of the applicant must be as follows:
A. One hundred euros (€ 100) will be deposited in the bank account of the National -Organization for Qualification and Vocational Guidance (EOPEP) with the following information:
National Bank of Greece
Account No: 125 / 540034-13.
B. Fifty Euros (50.00 €) in the bank account of the Security Studies Center (KEMMEA) with the following information:
National Bank of Greece
Account No: 694 / 480008-72.

Please note that:
• proofs of bank deposit filings should have been issued within the time limit for submitting the applications set by KEMEA & EOPEPP.
• Deposits via e-Banking are not accepted.
• Those who have a legally valid work permit or a proven track record as security personnel are not required to attend the 105-hour training & internship program but are allowed to submit their papers directly to participate in certification exams.
Cost & Duration of the Program through LAEK (0, 24%)
The cost of participation is 350 €. The duration of the program is 105 hours and the days and hours of monitoring are determined in consultation with the company in order not to hamper its operation and the support program for the guardians it has undertaken.