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Implementation Period

01/01/2023 – 01/01/2026

Project Number


Summary of the project

XR4ED brings together the EdTech and XR communities to establish an European reference platform on learning and training with XR that will provide a central access point to existing solutions and contribute to a leading position for Europe in cutting-edge technologies for education.

XR4ED will pursue its implementation through a set of SMART objectives split into three main categories:

Scientific & Innovation objectives

  • Enhancing XR technologies for education

Technological Objectives

  • Implementing an innovative sustainable on-demand education platform, by mobilising the EdTech and XR EU communities
  • Implementing an innovative sustainable on-demand education platform, by mobilising the EdTech and XR EU communities
  • Formulating privacy and ethics standards for the XR EU Community

Business Objectives

  • Boosting the use of the XR4ED platform by reaching out to potential user groups.
  • Delivering a pan-European multi-sided platform for education, training, and learning, validated through tendering and a set of representative long-lasting demonstrations
  • Delivering a sustainable ever-growing ecosystem of collaborating organisations in diverse domains, fully utilising the XR4ED platform and renovating XR in education-related sectors

Target Groups

  • XR Developers
  • Social innovators
  • Scientific community
  • Educational Community
  • Young professionals
  • Business community


Project Results

An innovative sustainable on-demand education platform that will provide centralised access to existing XR content, tools and solutions, based on open standards, for learning and training.

Enhancement of XR technologies for learning and training by enabling digital start-ups, SMEs, and industry active in the EdTech sector to further advance early prototypes to a market-ready product.

An open marketplace that will allow the EdTech and XR communities to submit and promote their ready-to-market systems for learning and training.

An Ethics Observatory that will include privacy, ethics and inclusiveness standards for XR EdTech compliant with the EU rules to protect users’ fundamental rights.

A sustainable ever-growing ecosystem of collaborating organisations from diverse domains, fully utilising the XR4ED platform and renovating XR in education-related sectors.

The Partnership

CYENS Center of Excellence – Coordinator

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CYENS, as a Centre of Excellence, cultivates a culture of innovation and creativity in an inspiring environment filled with academics, researchers, creative and onward-looking people, innovators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. The Centre operates under the moto “Inspired by Humans Designed for Humans” with the vision to produce world-class research that drives innovation towards social and economic benefit while conducting excellent, internationally competitive scientific research in the areas of visual sciences, human factors and design, communication, and artificial intelligence. It sets out to meet the challenge with total potential funding of more than 30 million Euros for the first 7 years, from a Horizon 2020 Teaming Action and multiple other sources, and a business plan for long-term sustainability and growth.


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Konnektable has long experience in development, integrating and management of applications/services related to the analysis of large-scale data sets hosted and operated in federated and decentralized cloud infrastructures. KT expertise lies both in the combination of incorporating resources and services independent of their location across distributed computing and storage infrastructures as well as in the setting up of large databases and search engines. Moreover, KT has expertise in assessing technical security requirements and in investigating potential intellectual property management functions that could be included in the platform. KT will be supporting the identification of user’s requirements, addressing ethics and data protection requirements in, developing and maintaining the XR4ED on-demand platform and also contributing to stakeholders’ engagement and dissemination of the project results.

Science Communication – partner, Greece

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The non-profit organization SciCo (Science Communication) aims to communicate scientific issues to the general public through innovative, interactive and entertaining activities. It was founded in 2008 and is staffed by scientists, academics, educators, artists and people interested in science. Through numerous activities with a great social impact, SciCo operates as a social enterprise, having already reached more than 400,000 citizens all over Greece. Its activities extend beyond the Greek borders, through its participation in a multitude of European projects, while at the same time expanding some of its projects internationally.


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F6S is the largest global start-up network with 4.6 million members. It delivers billions in growth to startup founders and their companies – along with companies, governments and programs in the global startup ecosystem. The F6S community offers company growth through funding, investments, pilot contracts, grants, partnerships, jobs & talent and services for companies.

Infinitivity Design Labs – partner, France

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IDL is a French Design & Research studio. The studio also focuses on R&D, with a strong direction towards Learning & Development, UX/UI Design, gamification, Game-Based Learning, AI, Big Data, NLP, Semantic Analysis, Fake News detection, tampering detection, machine listening and audiovisual signal processing.

KAINOTOMIA & SIA EE – partner, Greece

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“KAINOTOMIA” is a level two Lifelong Learning Centre (K.DI.VI.M2) in Greece, which is active in the field of Vocational Education and Training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuing vocational training programmes for unemployed people, teachers of all levels of education, higher education students, employees/self-employed and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and society in general, through innovative programmes. “KAINOTOMIA” provides consultancy services to enterprises and support and advisory services to trainees to facilitate their (re)entry into the labour market. “KAINOTOMIA” has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise in training in modern fields, combining them with those that are in high demand in the labour market in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainees for their integration into the labour market. Furthermore, “KAINOTOMIA” participates in co-funded national programmes called “local development and entrepreneurship projects for unemployed people based on specific local needs and development potential”.

NUROGAMES GMBH – partner, Germany

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Nurogames is an independent game development and software engineering company founded in 2006 in Cologne/Germany. Nurogames develops gaming and serious games solutions for consumers and for the industry. Nurogames covers the entire value chain of game development – from the initial idea to the final product – for all major mobile, web, PC, console, VR, AR and XR platforms with a track record of more than 14 years.


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CRI Group was set up in Luxembourg in 1991 as a European
IT Group. Currently, it operates in 4 countries serving the European Union Institutions and governmental bodies through a comprehensive offering of services and technologies. CRI belongs to VASS Group as of November 2021, a world-wide group of companies focusing on digitally transforming its customers’ value chain by implementing and servicing customer relationship management, enterprise resource applications, and providing technology infrastructure services. The Group has more than 5000 employees with deep experience with big data, the implementation of robot process automation, intelligent business process
management and other future-oriented technologies.


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SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION (SIMAVI) is an IT company established in 2019, following the division process of SIVECO Romania SA. Although the company was recently established, the team’s experience is vast, taking over all software development activities in education, health, customs, nuclear, business, banking, utilities, production, etc. An organization built on a European model, with unique competence centres and internationally competitive specialists, SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION is the Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to the European Commission organization.

Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya- partner, Spain

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The UPC is a public university that carries out research and provides higher education in the fields of architecture, engineering, sciences and technology.

CELLOCK LTD- partner, Cyprus

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Cellock, based in Cyprus, is a leading Information Technology, research and development SME, founded in 2003, and currently operates in the fields of software development, IoT, artificial intelligence, and wearables. Cellock has many years of experience in software and hardware development and a highly skilled technical workforce, serving clients in diversified business verticals like agriculture, telecommunication operators, and government organizations. Cellock participates in EU and national research proposals since 2004 and has collaborated with universities and research and development departments around the world, as a scientific/technical coordinator since it has established experience in the industrial domain for various multinational, technical projects. Cellock owns a portfolio of IP including two US patents and one trademark. Cellock has developed all the current technologies and prototypes in-house and owns all the background IP.

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The XR4ED project aims in promoting XR as an educational solution

The XR4ED project aims in promoting XR as an educational solution

In the XR4ED project, we focus on highlighting the potential of XR technology in education and training. Our aim is to create a central platform through which users can access existing European solutions while contributing to establishing Europe as a leader in XR-related educational technology. We invite the educational and scientific community, developers in the [...]
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