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Hatebusters Joint Staff Training Event in Copenhagen

The partnership of the European project Hatebusters: Youth Against Hate has successfully implemented the Joint Staff Training Event. The training took place in Denmark, Copenhagen, with Crossing Borders as host organization.

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The first day included a general presentation of the project’s objectives in order to inform external participants that joined the training. Partners met each other and discuss on the upcoming trainings.
Starting the second day the staff member of the host organization, Crossing Borders, presented the definition of hate speech and cyberbullying, as well as elaborated on how to recognize and classify hate speech. Afterwards,  the training included a presentation on the themes of causes, impact and  prevention of hate speech by Mine Vaganti NGO, during which participants from different background shared their experiences.
During the third  day of our Joint Staff Training Event, partners and staff organisation members gained useful knowledge about Human Rights, self-regulation and mindfulness from the trainers of Danmar. Partners had also the opportunity to attend a presentation by a representative of the Denmark Youth Center, Christian Mogensen, referring to the signs of hate speech online that can evolve to suicide actions. Moreover, participants were trained by Sundwind on how to create a bottom up campaign in order to combat hate speech online and offline.
The fourth day included the presentation of our organization, Kainotomia, regarding the Whole Community Approach and the creation of Hatebusters Hub to tackle hate speech as a community.
Last but not least, the last day of the training was devoted to a mindfulness yoga session and evaluation of the whole training. In this context, partners exchanged different opinions and valuable feedback regarding the themes of the training.
Looking forward for our next TPM in Greece  🤞!

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