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Upcoming Events

april 2020

02apr9:00 amNext Event“How to sustain the PRIORITY hub”9:00 am Dresden,GermanyType:EventsProgram:PriorityMore info

02apr9:00 amNext EventThe second Transnational Meeting for SEE 4.0 project9:00 am Κ.Δ.Β.Μ. Καινοτομία, Σωκράτους 111Type:MeetingsProgram:SEE4.0More info

06apr9:00 amFeaturedNext EventThe Second Transnational Meeting of EKS Project9:00 am Porto, PortugalType:MeetingsProgram:EKSMore info

15apr9:00 amNext EventThe third transnational of Priority project9:00 am Sassari, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:PriorityMore info

24apr9:00 amNext EventThe second Transnational Meeting of Digi4HEALTH project9:00 am Kaunas,LithuaniaType:MeetingsProgram:Digi4healthMore info

may 2020

07may9:00 amNext EventSecond Transnational Meeting of the Prospects in Peripheries (PiP) project9:00 am BerlinType:MeetingsProgram:PIPMore info

14may9:00 amNext EventThe Second Transnational Meeting of RETAIL Project9:00 am Valencia,SpainType:MeetingsProgram:RETAILMore info

june 2020

04jun9:00 amNext EventThe Fifth Transnational Meeting of Improve project9:00 am Turku,FinlandType:MeetingsProgram:ImproveMore info

22jun9:00 amNext Event1st Join Staff Training Events (JSTE) of the Future Target project9:00 am Ke.Di.Vi.M KAINOTOMIAType:EventsProgram:FutureTargetMore info

28jun9:00 amNext EventLTTA in Valencia for the SEE4.0 project9:00 am Valencia,SpainType:EventsProgram:SEE4.0More info

july 2020

07jul9:00 amNext EventThe fourth Transnational Meeting of DARE project9:00 am Pisa, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:DareMore info

13jul9:00 amNext EventFirst LTTA of the IDEA Project in Syros9:00 am Syros,Cyclades,GreeceType:EventsProgram:IDEAMore info

august 2020

29aug9:00 amNext EventJoint Staff Training Event (JSTE) of the IMPROVE Project9:00 am Ke.Di.Vi.M KAINOTOMIAType:EventsProgram:ImproveMore info

september 2020

08sep9:00 amNext EventThe third Transnational Project Meeting of Future Target9:00 am Vigo, SpainType:MeetingsProgram:FutureTargetMore info

16sep9:00 amNext EventThe fourth transnational meeting of Priority project9:00 am Palermo, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:PriorityMore info

29sep9:00 amNext EventThe third Transnational Meeting of EKS project9:00 am Κ.Δ.Β.Μ. Καινοτομία, Σωκράτους 111Type:MeetingsProgram:EKSMore info

january 2021

13jan9:00 amNext EventThe fifth Transnational Meeting of DARE project9:00 am Berlin, GermanyType:MeetingsProgram:DareMore info

march 2021

16mar9:00 amNext EventThe fifth transnational Meeting of Priority project9:00 am Suceava, RomaniaType:MeetingsProgram:PriorityMore info

Past events

october 2019

17oct9:00 amNext EventFuture Target Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Rheinbach, GermanyType:MeetingsProgram:FutureTargetMore info

27oct9:00 amNext EventHow to become a PRIORITY hub superhero9:00 am Palermo, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:PriorityMore info

27oct9:00 amFeaturedNext EventThe third transnational of Improve project9:00 am Caserta, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:ImproveMore info

27oct9:00 amFeaturedNext EventDigi4HEALTH Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Iklin, MaltaType:MeetingsProgram:Digi4healthMore info

november 2019

08nov9:00 amNext EventIDEA Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Κ.Δ.Β.Μ. Καινοτομία, Σωκράτους 111Type:MeetingsProgram:IDEAMore info

11nov9:00 amNext EventLearning Teaching and Training Activity of DARE program9:00 am Pisa, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:DareMore info

22nov9:00 amNext EventSEE4.0 Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Iklin, MaltaType:MeetingsProgram:SEE4.0More info

26nov9:00 amNext EventEKS Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Odense, DenmarkType:MeetingsProgram:EKSMore info

december 2019

01dec9:00 amNext EventRETAIL Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Dublin, IrelandType:MeetingsProgram:RETAILMore info

january 2020

07jan9:00 amFeaturedNext EventThe fourth Transnational Meeting of Improve project9:00 am Κ.Δ.Β.Μ. Καινοτομία, Σωκράτους 111Type:MeetingsProgram:ImproveMore info

14jan9:00 amFeaturedNext EventProspects In Peripheries Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Copenhagen, DenmarkType:MeetingsProgram:PIPMore info

30jan6:00 pmFeaturedNext EventOpportunity to participate to IDEA project!6:00 pm Κ.Δ.Β.Μ. Καινοτομία, Σωκράτους 111Type:EventsProgram:IDEAMore info

february 2020

10feb9:00 amNext EventFACIT Kick-off Meeting9:00 am Rome, ItalyType:MeetingsProgram:FACITMore info

17feb9:00 amNext EventThe third Transnational Meeting of DARE project9:00 am Rzeszow, PolandType:MeetingsProgram:DareMore info

18feb8:30 amFeaturedNext EventErasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Training Session in Brussels8:30 am Brussels, BelgiumType:EventsProgram:EYEMore info

march 2020

05mar9:00 amFeaturedNext EventLearning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) of FACIT project9:00 am Paris, FranceType:EventsProgram:FACITMore info

24mar9:00 amNext EventKick off Meeting of FAMET project9:00 am Copenhagen, DenmarkType:MeetingsProgram:FAMETMore info