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Adult Educator Training

Adult Educator Training

The adult teacher training programme is aimed at those who wish to acquire the necessary skills to work as trainers in this field. This programme provides the methods, tools and skills that trainers need to upgrade their knowledge of adult education philosophy and principles. It also enhances their educational practices by promoting creativity and critical thinking through modern and innovative activities such as Transformative Learning.

Participants will delve into the concepts of adult education, continuing education and lifelong learning. They will learn to identify the characteristics of adult learners, design personalised educational programmes and use effective educational techniques and media to engage learners. In addition, they will understand the importance of empirical approaches to knowledge, group learning and interdisciplinary approaches. Finally, they will understand the need for professionalism and flexibility in adult education, adapting programmes to the needs of learners.

More specifically, it is addressed to:

  1. Adult educators – seminar instructors of all levels without educational qualifications
  2. Professionals and scientists who want to work as adult educators in their field
  3. Those who wish to participate in the certification process of Educational Competence and join the register of adult educators of the EOPPEP
  4. Those who do not have the required training experience (100 hours) in adult education for direct participation in the EOPPEP training competency examinations.

The Adult Educator Training programme is necessary in order to prepare for the educational competency exams and to be eligible to participate in the certification exams to join the Register of Certified Adult Educators of the National Organization for the Certification of Vocational Guidance Qualifications (E.O.P.P.E.P.).

Duration of the programme

The programme has a 100-hour duration and is implemented through the method of distance modern and asynchronous training, emphasizing on educational techniques, design, presentation & evaluation of micro-teaching.

Through the theoretical and practical parts of the seminar, you will learn how to successfully meet the EOPPEP exams.

 Detailed programme of distance learning

  •  50 hours of Asynchronous Tele-training
  • 30 hours Assignment Delivery & Microteaching Preparation
  •  12 hours of Modern Distance Learning
  • 8 hours Lifelong Training

The modules of the programme are the following:

  • Principles of adult education
  • Principles of adult education
  • Basic skills of adult educators
  • Adult learning theories and adult characteristics
  • Training techniques and training tools
  • Interculturality
  • Module design and assessment
  • Micro-teaching design
  • Presentation of pilot micro-teaching projects
  • Preparation for the interview for the EQFEP examinations

Benefits for participants:

  • The program leads directly to the EOPPEP Educational Competency certification examination process, even for those who do not have the required educational experience (150 hours) in adults (based on article 67 of Law 4386/2016)
  • The certificate of attendance of the Program is recognized and graded by public institutions such as KEKs, Parents’ Schools, IEKs, IEK, SEK, the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation, Lifelong Learning Centers of Municipalities and Public Institutions, etc.

The 3 sos of your training through seminar

  • The Certificate of Attendance you will receive, as well as your registration in the Register of Adult Trainers of the EITH, are necessary requirements for your participation in the EOPPEP exams, if you do not have the 150 hours of training experience in adults (article 67, Law 4386/2016).
  • With the Certificate of Attendance you receive points for your admission to public IEK (Government Gazette 3393B/13.08.2020).
  • The seminar is conducted by a public body (Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki), which is required by law.

Implementation Dates

Upon Contact

Place of Implementation

Distance learning


Distance learning/100 hours

Participation fee

Participation fee: 250€

Declaration of Participation
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