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Few things about us

Welcome to Lifelong Learning Center Kainotomia

The Center for Lifelong Learning Kainotomia is certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Professional Orientation (E.O.P.P.E.P) with the certification number 2000108 and a level 2 Center, which means that it provides access to disabled people.
It was founded in 2013 by a group of young professionals, each with an extensive experience in their field of expertise. This creates the ability for a direct and complete adaptation to the needs of the company’s clients.

The purpose of KAINOTOMIA is the implementation of Programs for Continued Professional Training addressed to the unemployed, workers, self-employed and members of sensitive social groups as well as the practice of related activities such as the development of research, surveys, guides, notes and the provision of consultation services to people belonging to sensitive social groups. In addition, the promotion and support of employment for learners that complete the programs of professional training by the Center for Lifelong Learning KAINOTOMIA remains our main objective.

Our Purpose


Our Center

is addressed to

Young people

Very well-adapted to the needs of modern life, Kainotomia supports young people by helping them to develop and upscale their skills and to improve their competitiveness in the labor market by fully meeting their educational needs.

Vulnerable groups

Our company provides training and employment opportunities to people belonging to the disadvantaged groups of the community. Our goal is to encourage them to actively participate in the social and economic life of their society as well as to achieve their social integration by removing the breeding ground leading to their marginalization and by providing equal opportunities.


We design and implement targeted and subprofessional training programs for company personnel, based on the needs of each company and always in line with the labor and business needs of the market.

Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is progress.
Working together is success.

“Henry Ford”
Athina Daldogiannou

Athina Daldogiannou

Athina graduated from the Department of Philology of University of Ioannina. Her main working field is the design and implementation of European projects related to non-formal education and training and Lifelong Learning oriented.
Mike Triantafillou

Mike Triantafillou

One of the founders of KAINOTOMIA, he holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a MSc in Economic and Business Strategy. He has many years' experience in private industry sector and he has participated in many European and R/D Projects regarding biofuels & sustainability.
Katerina Michale, Junior Trainer/ Project Manager

Katerina Michale, Junior Trainer/ Project Manager

Katerina studied law school in AUTH and during last year, she is implementing European projects, dealing with youth, non-formal education and Vocational Education and Training sector.
Μeropi Koutsounaki

Μeropi Koutsounaki

Meropi Koutsounaki studied Classical Philology with expertise in Language Education for Refugees and Immigrants. She has received training in Adult Education and she is working in the field of design and implementation of National and European educational programs, non-formal education and training in the context of lifelong learning.
Eleni Dimopoulou

Eleni Dimopoulou

Eleni studied Economic Science and has expertise in Human Resources Management. She has experience in Corporate Training and she is working in the field of design and implementation of National and European educational programs, non-formal education and training in the context of lifelong learning.

Let’s work together

Let’s collaborate and make an impact in European programs though unique project design and development!

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