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DPO – Data Protection Officer

DPO – Data Protection Officer

Ke.Di.Vi.M KAINOTOMIA as a Certified Lifelong Learning Center that provides business consulting services to companies and trainees, organizes new training programs DPO – Data Protection Officer.
European Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) adopted by the European Parliament on 27 April 2016 comes into force on 25 May 2018 and every Public Authority, business, body managing personal data must fully comply with the relevant requirements regarding the handling of personal data protection.
Thus, every public and private enterprise or organization is required to designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Target Audience:
The program is aimed at:
• Doctors of all specialties
• Civil Engineers
• Accountants
• Executives
• Business Consultants
• IT & Communications executives
• Law firms, law firms and legal advisors as well as law school graduates
• Public body executives dealing with the processing and use of personal data (OTA, NGPD, NGP, SA Public, DEKO etc.)
• And those who are interested in applying the regulatory framework to businesses and organizations that process personal data and wish to specialize in data protection issues

Duration of Program’s Implementation

Data Protection Officer training courses are delivered over a span of (40) hours of training.

Athanasios Tsatsos, Msc, NHS-MP
• Lawyer, Ombudsman – Business Advisor
• Lawyer, graduate of the Law School of the University of Thrace and holder of Double MSc at the University of the Aegean (Labor Environments Society of Information and Administration).
• Mediation of the Ministry of Justice, Instructor of the National Center for Public Administration & Self-Government in the field of Public Management – Leadership.
• Professor in the field of Public Management – Leadership of the ECHR, in Public Administration through Objectives using Measurement of Efficiency and Efficiency Indicators and in the development of the Common Assessment Framework.
• Instructor Trainer at EOPPEP – KEMEA in the Officer – Security Studies Researcher at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.
He also has experience in utilizing Information and Communication Technologies, developing integrated information systems, reorganizing communication processes, developing participatory change processes and inter-service training skills (workshops).

Vangelis Stamatiadis, Msc, Computer Networks –Computer Systems – Management Information Systems
• Postgraduate Information Technology Engineer in Management Information Systems.
• He is Head of the IT Division of the 5th Health District of Thessaly & Central Greece and responsible for Electronic Health.
• LEAR (Legal Authorized Representative) and Operational / Technical Officer of the 5th Health District in three large-scale European Programs, “United For Health” ( and “Renewing Health (http: //
• He is a certified IT professional from Microsoft and CISCO.
• He has been on the teaching staff of the National Center for Public Administration and Self-Government (ECHR) for more than ten years.

DPO certification
After each cycle a certificate of attendance is issued and after one to two weeks, with the request of the participant, the opportunity to participate in Certification Exams is given.

The Certificate Issue requires exams that include closed-ended questions. Successful completion of the examination process leads to the acquisition of certification.

Registration documents:
• Application for Registration (provided by the Lifelong Learning Center 2 INNOVATIONS).
• Payment of the program’s value by the following payment methods.
The cost of participation is:
• 650 € with certification
• 500 € without certification
The seminar is also funded by LAEK 0.24 of OAED.

Special Prices:
• With registrations of more than two (2) people from the same business, a 10% discount is offered
• For registrations of more than two (2) people, a 10% discount is offered

Payment methods
1. Deposit to an account at PIRAEUS BANK: 5614-068120-451
IBAN: GR450172614000561406812045
2. Card through POS system.
Participation statements: KeDiViM2 INNOVATION-Swkratoys 111-Larissa.
Information: Tel. 2410 555 590, e-mail: