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IT Certification Training Program

IT Certification Training Program

Certification in the IT sector is a constant pillar in an age where technology is shaping the way we live, work and communicate. The development of digital skills is a prerequisite for successful integration into modern society and effective participation in the labour market.

The IT certification training programme aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and certification to meet the demands of the modern world of technology. It is aimed at all those who wish to develop or enhance their IT skills, regardless of their level.
IT certification opens up new horizons for students, professionals and businesses, allowing them to adapt to a modern and dynamic technological reality. Through the programme, participants gain the necessary experience and knowledge to use tools such as spreadsheets, word processing, charts and presentations. These skills are vital for successful work in areas such as software development, network technologies and data management. In this way, the programme addresses the need for ongoing training and specialisation, equipping participants with the tools needed to thrive in a society that is constantly evolving under the influence of technology.

If you wish to expand your range of knowledge and acquire new skills in the broad and dynamic field of IT, Lifelong Learning Center KAINOTOMIA  offers you a comprehensive IT Certification programme, which you can attend from the comfort of your home or anywhere else in the world.

The IT programme is aimed at a wide range of individuals and groups who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of information technology. This may include:

  1. Students and graduates who wish to enhance their career path in IT.
  2. IT professionals seeking expertise in specific areas or new technologies.
  3. Employers and businesses wishing to train their staff to use information technologies more effectively.
  4. Anyone else interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of information technology, regardless of their professional background or age.

The programme includes 6 thematic modules, namely:

  1. Text editing
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. Internet services
  4. Computer Operation & File Management
  5. Databases
  6. Presentations.

  • The total cost of the programme is €150. The cost of the programme includes the cost of the fee for the Certification exams and the cost of the first issue of the IT Certificate.
  • The method of implementation of the program is distance asynchronous training and the duration of training is up to 4 months, where you choose the time of training according to your needs.
  • The certificate that you obtain through the IT Certification programme is recognised not only in the private sector but also in the public sector and in competitions of the AESEP. This means that you have the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in various areas of public administration and to participate in recruitment processes that require certification in the field of IT.

In addition, it is widely recognised in many fields and helps to develop your professional and academic career. In particular, the certificate can be recognised by:

Businesses and employers seeking professionals with expertise and experience in the IT sector.
Academic institutions seeking proven knowledge and skills in computing for entry into postgraduate or doctoral programmes.
Communities of practice and organisations seeking continuing professional development and certification in the field of computing.

Your certificate is a credible document that demonstrates your IT knowledge and skills and can contribute to the successful advancement of your career.

Implementation Dates

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Place of Implementation

Distance learning


Distance learning/ 4 months

Participation fee

Participation fee: 150€

Declaration of Participation
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