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Medical English

Medical English

Ke.Di.Vi.M2 INNOVATION announces its collaboration with the University of London Greenwich and Express Publishing.
This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era with the ability to offer a Certificate of Medical English Proficiency.
The exams are conducted in collaboration with the University of Greenwich, Express Publishing and UNICERT, a Human Resources Certification Body with wide recognition in Greece, Cyprus as well as internationally.
The new exams are certified by EOPEPEP. (National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance) as well as from ESYD (National Accreditation System). The UNICERT examination system is being developed in collaboration with the Research Center of the University of Piraeus.

Program Duration: 50 hours with 3 hours / day lesson.

The Medical English Certificates of the University of Greenwich

This new partnership grants two unique certificates:
• Certificate of Attendance: Awarded to the student of Medical English who successfully completes the training program.

• Medical English Certificate: Awarded to the Medical English Medical student who will successfully pass the Medical English specialty exam.

International professional recognition is guaranteed, provided the certificates are awarded in collaboration with such an important educational institution as the University of Greenwich.

An innovative solution
• Certificate recognized by the business world at a global level.
• Certificates:
♦ Enhance professional development and help improve professional skills.
♦ Contribute to career development and ensure continuous employment through lifelong learning.
♦ Ensure that students and professionals master the English language to the extent required in their profession.
The Certificate of English Medicine (Medical English)
The 60-minute specialized English Medical exams are conducted online. Successful applicants will receive a Medical English Certificate from the University of Greenwich.

Program Value
Total Program Amount: 400 € (including exam fees, 50 hours training courses and teaching materials).
The entry fee is paid € 200 upon registration and € 200 at the start of training.
What supporting documents are required from the person applying for registration?
1. Application Form (provided by the Lifelong Learning Innovation Center)
2. Copy of Police Identity Card
3. Official document stating VAT and DOY.

Implementation Dates



50 hours

Participation fee

400€ / person
*the participation fee is €200 upon registration and €200 upon the start of the training.

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