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Sewing lessons

Sewing lessons

The Lifelong Learning Center “Kainotomia” is continuing the successful CUTTING-SEWING LESSONS by organizing the second round of the course.

Target Audience:

The program is aimed both at beginners who have successfully completed the first circle of the course, at those who already have amateur-practical skills in sewing as well as at those seeking creative activities during their spare time.


Karanasios Christos

Course Topics

  • Colors and color interaction
  • The cycle of Itten (Johannes Itten)
  • Basic (pure) colors
  • Complementary (secondary) colors
  • Fabric dyed on thread
  • Stylized fabric
  • Sewing needles
  • Curved needles
  • Sewing fittings and mechanisms
  • Rotary shuttle
  • Thread Pass – Settings
  • Home Appliances
  • Straight gauze-Zigzag gauze-Elastic gauze
  • Topping
  • Chain
  • Button hole
  • Button
  • Accessories and their utility
  • Learning-Designing trousers for women
  • Adjusting the pattern of women’s trousers
  • Women’s trousers fabric cut
  • Sewing and assembly
  • Pockets front and back
  • Little bell
  • Zipper
  • Inside and outside seams
  • Pocket
  • Band heat seal
  • Hem

Implementation Dates

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Ke.Di.Vi.M2 Kainotomia



15 hours

5 meetings


100€ / student

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