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Get to know the EUCYCLE project

As the climate changes there is an immediate need to seek greener and more sustainable solutions to protect the world’s present and future. In this frame, the project EUCYCLE is one of the initiatives that promote sustainability. EUCYCLE is a project co-funded by the European Commission, under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ program. It suggests the circular economy as a sustainable system that was developed and orientated to improve the manufacturing process and natural resource availability.

The project aims in sharing good practices, upgrading competences and methodologies with partner organizations’ staff members, and create a solid background for disseminating all this experience to other organizations, companies, and stakeholders interested in the topic of the project. For this reason, the partners attended a Joint Staff Training and Event. In addition, the adoption of innovative training approaches and the activation of an international mobility program within the framework of the partnership are some of the sought-out outcomes.

The outputs are under finalization. The first and extremely useful project result is the creation of an e-book in which the stakeholders will find good practices and examples from European companies and organizations that have conducted sustainable initiatives. Also, the contact information of the organizations will be included, so someone can directly contact and learn firsthand how these certain methodologies are implemented.

Another project result is the creation of a Training Methodologies Handbook. The Handbook will enhance the interested organizations’ practices. Through the description of guidelines, theoretical background, aims, and expected outcomes, the stakeholders will have the opportunity to use a variety of options they could adjust to their already existing methodologies.

Finally, the partners have worked to produce a resource library that will conclude ideas, good practices examples, other useful information, and news from all over Europe. This dissemination process will maximize the impact of the project results and will inspire the target groups to follow related methodologies and solutions.

It is addressed to NGOs, educational institutions, organizations, administrations, municipalities, citizens, and society in general. All the participants and the stakeholders will gain knowledge and will have access to a variety of resources that will assist them in the process of adopting the circular economy strategy.

The consortium consists of 7 partners coming from 5 different European countries. They are:

  • Euro-Idea Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna (POLAND)
  • Kainotomia (GREECE)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata (ITALY)
  • FA-Magdeburg GmbH (GERMANY)
  • University of Bari Aldo Moro (ITALY)
  • MiTale (FINLAND)

For the project’s results, the newsletters, and further information you can visit the project’s website: