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PIP Online Meeting

The online meeting of the partners of the Prospects in Peripheries (PIP) project was successfully held on November 20th. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the development of the Intellectual Outputs as well as to decide on the upcoming actions of the project. More specifically, the members of the partnership:

-discussed the course of IO1 and the composition of the national reports while they proposed and analyzed possible ways of disseminating the deliverables to a wider audience

-developed and exchanged ideas regarding the creation of the training tool kit, which will be implemented in the context of IO2, and carefully examined the steps to be followed in order to produce optimal results

-planned their next meeting, in order to maintain frequent and direct communication

The meeting was attended by the following partners:

  •  Crossing Borders, Denmark  (leading partner)
  • COMPARATIVE RESEARCH NETWORK EV, German  (partner organization)
  • ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ, Greece (partner organization)
  • University of Eastern Finland, Finland (partner organization)
  • Asociación de Desarrollo Social Participativo IMAGINA, Spain (partner organization)
  • MINE VAGANTI NGO, Italy (partner organization)

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