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The RECOVER Online Interactive Toolset

The main result of the RECOVER project will be the RECOVER Online Interactive Toolset. It will be a web-based application that will contain training/teaching materials and resources, and an assessment tool in a quiz format, on the topics of green economy, environmental literacy, green entrepreneurship, and the use of digital technologies in a green enterprise.

Each section will consist of the following parts:

Test your knowledge tool – it will be a tool for youth workers/trainers that will allow them to assess the level of skills of young people on the following competency thematics:
a)Environmental literacy
b)Green entrepreneurial skills and competences
c)Digital technologies for a Green Enterprise & Green Economy

It will be a quiz having 30 concrete questions that will help users to identify competencies and deficiencies in the three thematics above (10 per thematic).

2. Training content – it will be an OER and consist of two sections:
a)For young people – The training content will be based on the threefold competency thematics. It will allow them to learn more about environmental literacy, green entrepreneurship, and digital technologies through theory, exercises, and examples.
b)For youth workers/trainers – It will have the same content as the young people’s but this section will provide them with tools to make adjustments in their training or youth programs by providing extra information about training sessions organization, lesson plan creation, and taking notes.
The user should register with an email account to access the Toolset.

Stay tuned to be the first to know about project updates!