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Digi4SME: “Digital Competences of VET Trainers for SME”

Digi4SME: “Digital Competences of VET Trainers for SME”

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Summary of the project

The current COVID-19 crisis hit certain sectors very hard around the world. One of them is Small and Medium-Sized companies around the world. Now, more than ever, SMEs are in a difficult situation and they need well-educated and skilled owners, managers, and employees. They need to keep learning in various areas in order to be able to last in this new, difficult and turbulent environment. But the pandemic has taken away even the possibility of training as many providers are not ready to provide education online. The need for modernization and digital transformation of education and training systems across Europe is an issue of great importance. In order to do this, education, and in the case of SMEs VET education, needs to be ready, of high quality, and inclusive.

Digi4SME is a 24-month project that intends to make a meaningful contribution to the upskilling of VET trainers in response to the growing need to improve the digital competencies of trainers around the world. The project also aims to promote the DIgCompEdu framework which was created to be used at all educational levels.

The primary target group is VET trainers (with no or basic digital skills) working in VET centers particularly those that provide training to SMEs. The secondary target group can be defined as learners of the above-mentioned VET centers, owners, and employees of SMEs that through digitally-enabled learning methods will improve their own digital skills and skills needed for successful business operations. The project is expected to have an impact on participants, participating organizations, target groups, and relevant stakeholders.

The project will be made by a consortium consisting of 7 partners, from 5 different countries, Poland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Spain.






The Training needs detector will contain a set of various tests in the form of questions, tasks, and proficiency statements of the DigCompEdu framework allowing for assessing chosen areas of the DigCompEdu framework. In effect, an individual road map will be created showing the results in a particular area of the framework and an automated path to the 6 modules of the e-course.


The main aim of the IO2 is to develop VET trainers’ digital competencies with the use of an Open Educational Resource for VET trainers with an automated course consisting of 6 modules – each corresponding to one area of DigCompEdu. It will be an innovative Web application allowing users to go through a customized learning path and measurement of user’s progress indicating the current level, desired level, and showing milestones to be accomplished in order to get to that desired level.
Besides the theoretical part, it will provide practical examples and links to existing digital tools that can be used in order to develop competencies in a given area.

The Partnership

Diciannove Società Cooperativa – applicant partner, Italy

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Established in 2005 as an ICT cooperative company, it focuses on support for organizations active in social issues, and it operates mainly in Northern Italy, providing solutions to health and social departments in 3 regional Health Dept and to the National Ministry of Education. The management of projects at a local, regional, and European level is part of the core business as well, together with collaborations for educational and training centers to provide courses in the development and management of European projects. Diciannove has been promoter and coordinator in the Erasmus+ KA2 “i-DIGital Stories – Stories Educational Learning Facilities” and partners in several other projects in recent years.
Diciannove’s vision is to match the need for innovative ICT solutions with free and open-source software and social purposes. Diciannove recently developed in various social, consulting, and management activities.
Diversity and intercultural training are integral parts of Diciannove activities, which are not only product-oriented, but they represent a model of continuous discussion and active enrichment in the management of operational situations, planning, and institutional policies, both at local, Italian, and European level. Diciannove is an expert in writing software, finding innovative open source solutions, creating customized web platforms, and has competence in the configuration and management of open-source e-learning platforms.

KAINOTOMIA LLC2 – partner, Greece

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KAINOTOMIA provides business consultancy to companies & supporting services and consulting support services to trainees to facilitate their (re)entrance into the labour market. KAINOTOMIA has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise regarding training in contemporary fields, matching them with those that have a high demand in the job market, in order to develop trainees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards their integration in the labour market. KAINOTOMIA has been participating in co-funded national projects under the name of “local development plans and entrepreneurship for unemployed based on specific local needs and growth potential”.


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The Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support (CWEP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on 30.06.2004 by a group of entrepreneurs, teachers, social activists, and IT specialists from Rzeszow, Poland. The CWEP association works in the field of youth, cooperates with businesses, universities, schools, enterprises, and educational institutions operating as the associated partners. CWEP has experience in organising complex support for individuals at different stages of their lives, from childhood to elder age. It promotes entrepreneurship among young people at school, as well as to those who already run their businesses. CWEP association’s mission is to increase the quality of education training at all levels and in all its forms, as well as to promote entrepreneurship in order to foster the integration of any social group regardless of gender, age, and ethnic origin.

LABC S.R.L. – partner, Italy

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LABC S.R.L. was established to merge the experience of five senior European consultants in the field of education, training, labour market, individual and community wellbeing. All associates are senior consultants in their dedicated fields with more than 15 years of field experience, and bring in the company all their connections and collaboration with over 200 stakeholders based in all European member states.
LABC is a learning community and adopts the principles of collaborative learning and generativity to establish and guide the ability to create.
LABC’s mission is to always use the right solutions for specific issues. With experienced staff, LABC is able to contribute towards any initiative with the right and most effective approach.

SC Ludor Engineering SRL – partner, Romania

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Ludor Engineering is a Romania-based SME dedicated to providing comprehensive services in engineering & design, product development, prototyping, and EU project partnering services. Its range of services includes the development of products incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies and principles as well as design, fabrication, and documentation of installations and experiments used for teaching various subjects. It is a member of ICONIC, a Romanian IT&C cluster including SMEs, universities, and local authorities. Ludor has expertise in the implementation of digital technologies in education, including 3D printing, computer graphics, robotics, drones, Virtual Reality, etc. as well as the design, development, and use of educational tools, both digital and non-digital. It has a deep understanding of the learning processes and of the methods to improve them, due to its participation in numerous projects and activities dedicated to formal, non-formal, and informal education, targeted at all categories of learners, including SME owners, managers, and personnel.


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Instalofi Levante S.L. – FyG Consultores (FyG) is a non-formal educational and training organisation, that promotes the local labour market as well as a lifelong learning process of adults and young people. FYG works actively on career development services to refer to a wide range of programs and services whose main purpose is to help individuals to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop life skills and to manage their learning, work and careers. The training programs delivered by FyG are related to business creation and innovative concepts, entrepreneurship, development of services, service design thinking, employability basic skills, literacy and numeracy skills, and soft skills training.
FyG acts actively as an education and training company promoting and enhancing the development of adults seeing for new opportunities and helping them to become more employable, facing different factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed with economic or social obstacles.
Founded in 2001, is present on international markets and also helps companies to define strategies that allow them to grow in foreign markets and international business. As a supplier of innovative solutions, the company adds business value through training methodology implementation at a professional level, innovative formulas, methods of cooperation and partnerships, selection of HR, and training on Internationalization and is able to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to grow.
In recent years, FyG has developed and implemented a number of European international cooperation projects related to education, VET, adult learning, digital tools, e-learning, educational technology, and social integration.


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Polish Chamber of Commerce is the biggest business support organization in Poland. which joints about 156 chambers-members, representing about 300 000 entrepreneurs all over Poland. PCC is involved in co-participation in the development of the overall state economic policy and sector policies. PCC assesses activities undertaken by the public administrative and local self-governmental authorities. It represents the interests of the Polish entrepreneurs vis-a-vis the President of the Republic of Poland, the Parliament, the Government, and local self-governments, in particular, through the issuance of opinions on draft statutes pertaining to the economy.
One of the most important tasks of PCC includes representation of the Polish enterprises abroad. Through close bilateral cooperation, it is united with many business self-government chambers worldwide. That is why PCC organizes national exhibitions, invites entrepreneurs to international trade, fairs, trade missions, economic forums, multi and bilateral business meetings.

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Last Transnational Meeting for the project Digi4SME!

The final transnational meeting of the Digi4SME project took place in Genova on 21 and 22 March, with representatives from four European countries: Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Spain and Romania. The partners discussed the project's development since its beginning and laid the foundations for the sustainability of the results after the project's end. The Digi4SME [...]
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