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Implementation Period

01/04/2022 – 01/04/2024

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Summary of the project

EU Values is a 24-month Erasmus+ project. Its main objective is to enhance the youth’s understanding of the EU and foster a sense of belonging to it, besides preparing them to participate in their communities or the Union’s political and social life.

Young people and especially those with fewer opportunities have been strongly affected by different economic crises and recessions, the last one being due to the COVID pandemic that considerably impacted their perspectives of the future and created a general distrust toward policymakers. As an answer to this situation, the EU Values project was born out of the need to encourage young people to become active citizens, agents of solidarity, and elements of positive change for communities across Europe, inspired by EU values and European identity.

Through its results and activities, the EU VALUES project aims to achieve the following objectives:
– Better knowledge about the EU and its values, by providing training content for youth, and organizations and stakeholders that work with or for youth.
– Promote the civic participation of young people, giving them the necessary tools to be agents of change capable of actively influencing their environment, being the ones who participate in the improvement of society.
– Facilitate the inclusion of young people belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion, by participating in training workshops on the European Union.
– Promote citizen coexistence and social cohesion among young people of different backgrounds.
– Promote innovative practices and social transformation, through the creation of guidelines and methodology to train young people in the values of the EU and its history.

Training material for young people and guidelines for youth workers will be produced that will help people working on youth support to transmit the project’s training content to youth, focusing especially on groups at risk of exclusion who do not have easy access to this type of training material, and migrants, whom we want to welcome and integrate into the EU, making them participants in its history and values.


Project Results


The EU Framework of Knowledge for Youth will address the youth themselves, looking for information, but also those working with them, being Youth counselors, educators, associations, and NGOs who will use it as a source to design future training pathways for their youth members, to integrate into their activities with youth. It will also reveal the most needed set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to know the different EU values and Institutions.


This result is a training course, including theoretical contents supporting the increase of knowledge and general culture about the EU, and modules that address the importance of participating in the EU citizenship life for democracy. In parallel to this training, partners will develop Teaching Notes, using a mixture of methodologies in training aimed at young people working collaboratively, promoting citizen coexistence and social cohesion among young people from different origins and realities.


This result will be twofold, including:
– Interactive activities that simulate the different institutions of the EU, so that young people can learn, play and know how the different organizations work.
– A tool with which, through questions and answers, can help acquire and practice knowledge about the EU and the identified skills and competencies needed to boost citizen participation.

The Partnership

KAINOTOMIA LLC2 – applicant partner, Greece

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“KAINOTOMIA” is a level two Lifelong Learning Centre (K.DI.VI.M2) in Greece, which is active in the field of Vocational Education and Training. KAINOTOMIA has implemented more than 60 continuing vocational training programmes for unemployed people, teachers of all levels of education, higher education students, employees/self-employed and vulnerable social groups, for the development of professional opportunities and their promotion and integration into the labour market and society in general, through innovative programmes. “KAINOTOMIA” provides consultancy services to enterprises and support and advisory services to trainees to facilitate their (re)entry into the labour market. “KAINOTOMIA” has participated in several national projects, offering a high degree of expertise in training in modern fields, combining them with those that are in high demand in the labour market in order to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainees for their integration into the labour market. Furthermore, “KAINOTOMIA” participates in co-funded national programmes called “local development and entrepreneurship projects for unemployed people based on specific local needs and development potential”.

SocialDNA – partner, Netherlands

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SocialDNA aims to create links between citizens, industries, educational and social organizations. SocialDNA is a dynamic and efficient organization, with a strong base in the business community, local government, education and the social arena. Since 2009, SocialDNA has gained experience in designing, developing and promoting social projects involving youth and with a focus on the promotion of European Citizenship & its values as well as social inclusion among others.


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MEUS is a private organization aimed at bettering people´s capacities in their environment, both at professional and private levels. Thus, it focuses on skills development of the individuals at each stage of their life, from school to adult education. In line with the European strategy related to education, MEUS works on the development of new training materials and methodologies adapted to different target and market needs, so improving the integration on the labour market.
MEUS has a lot of experience and expertise in the most important fields related with education, training, sustainability, entrepreneurship, mentoring entrepreneurs, mentoring young people to enter in the labour market team building activities, etc.

Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion – partner, France

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Solution is an NGO carrying out educational activities to promote social cohesion through non formal education. The objective of the association is to boost social inclusion among young people by proposing several kinds of actions fostering intercultural dialogue, encouraging democratic participation among groups that are excluded from social dynamics, increasing young people’s soft and hard skills, designing educational programs to open minds and strengthening fair dynamics between generations.


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SMARTUP N.B SYSTEMATIC MANAGEMENT S.L. is the leading online project management and e-training provider. SMARTUP helps private companies, but also Public Entities, NGOs as well as individuals from around the world, achieve their goals by implementing the SMART philosophy: Specific (but also Sustainable!), Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely objectives.

Polygonal – partner, Italy

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Polygonal is a non-profit organisation working in the field of education and empowerment, e-learning opportunities for digital up-re-skilling, focussing much on grassroots activities embracing different sort of target groups, like seniors, minors, migrants, fragile adults and young people. Polygonal is a youth organisation whose members are in the majority <30 years old. Polygonal is a grantee of Microsoft for non-profit to develop , an open source digital active citizenship portal to be fed through volunteering actions via mobile crowd-sourcing.

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Transnational Project Meeting for the Erasmus+ project EU Values, in Valencia!

Transnational Project Meeting for the Erasmus+ project EU Values, in Valencia!

On 20 June we travelled to Valencia, Spain! There we took part in the Transnational Partner Meeting for the Erasmus+ EU Values project, in which we are happy to be the coordinator partner! The partners from Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and France discussed the progress of the project so far and set the upcoming goals [...]
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