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PISH -Problem-Based Learning, Intercultural Communications and STEM in Higher Education

PISH -Problem-Based Learning, Intercultural Communications and STEM in Higher Education

Implementation Period

01/09/2020 – 31/08/2023

Project Number


Summary of the project

In a PBL setting, students learn together as they solve problems. As classrooms become more multicultural, it produces challenges related to intercultural communications. Hence students tend to cluster with other students from the same cultural background. This makes it challenging for cross-exchange of knowledge across cultures when learning and it also robs the student of the needed intercultural competence required to operate in multicultural working environments. The project aims at providing online and offline tools that will enable students to develop the intercultural competence needed in a multicultural PBL learning environment.

Objectives of the project

  • Building inclusive higher education systems
  • Promoting internationalisation
  • Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competencies

Target Groups

Students, Teachers, Professors


Project Results

The Library of Best Practices is a reference material that enables teachers to search out different best practices for the promotion of intercultural communication in PBL groups in a STEM classroom.

The aim of this toolkit is to showcase a list of selected, tested and aggregated tools that will support Intercultural dialogue and communications in problem-based
learning environments.

The PISH online course is an interactive self-study resource for university teachers and lecturers introducing the educators to the concepts of intercultural communication and STEM.

Videos from the course on PBL-Based Intercultural Communications are available for the target groups in order to enhance their capacity and understanding.

The Partnership

Aalborg University – Coordinator, Dennmark


More info
Aalborg University is located in Denmark in Scandinavia. AAU is internationally renowned as a leading educational institution in problem-based learning (PBL). Aalborg University appears on the great majority of ranking lists and is among the top two percent of the world’s 17,000 universities.

Crossing Borders – partner, Denmark

More info
Crossing Borders (CB) is a non-profit, non-partisan civil society organisation. The vision of CB is a world in peace with itself
in which diversity is celebrated. The mission is to create dialogue space toward such a world and to build the capacity of youth, media workers and educators to realise the above vision. The overall goal is to enable people with different backgrounds to learn to live together on equal terms. Crossing Borders started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue between the conflict parties in the Middle East. In response to increased activities and demands for the CB concept and services, it was transformed, in 2004, into a dynamic organisation with activities in Denmark and abroad

University of East Finland- partner, Finland

More info
The University of Eastern Finland is the most multidisciplinary university in Finland. Their high standards of interdisciplinary research and education respond to global challenges and build a sustainable future. Their research is ranked among the best in the world in several fields. They offer education in nearly 100 major subjects and we train experts for tomorrow’s changing labour market needs.

University of Thessaly – partner, Greece

More info
The University of Thessaly, with 37 Departments and 8 schools, is a university with its own identity and with a prominent position in the national educational system. The University of Thessaly provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs and extra-curricular modules in specific research and business fields, for over 43000 students. The main mission of the University of Thessaly is the promotion of scientific knowledge through research and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. The members of the academic and research staff participate in European research networks and numerous innovative research projects in the EC.

EURO-NET – partner, Italy

More info
EURO-NET is a not-for-profit association (born in 1998) that is a member or associated member of 59 international networks. EURO-NET is also recognized as OFFICIAL PARTNER OF EU PARLIAMENT in 2 sectors (ON-LINE MEDIA and EVENT) has developed 77 antennas of its own in 26 different countries in Europe. EURO-NET co-operates with many public bodies with which it has particular agreements for the diffusion of juvenile and adults’ activities and helps all juvenile organizations and any other NGOstype to develop European programs. EURO-NET realizes training courses, workshops and exchanges, cultural, artistic, or sports activities, researches, mentoring, orientation, coaching activities, stages and internships, counseling, crisis support, and prevention actions.

Comparative Research Network – partner, Germany

More info
The Comparative Research Network (CRN – was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of non-formal adult, youth and VET education and research. The CRN Network activities are divided in three vertical fields: research, education and publication. The research department aims to bring social sciences closer to society. Research fields are among others: European Borders, Civic Participation, Urban Issues, Peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue, diversity and citizens science. Among other CRN is organising the Berlin Border Seminar, performing research on the impact of the Berlin Wall and seeking ways how to strengthen participation of citizens in civic education and city development.


Center for Education and Innovation – partner, Greece

More info
INNOVED is a Greek educational and consulting organization merely focusing on knowledge and innovation transfer in the broader fields of education, lifelong learning and training; entrepreneurship and employment aspects; non-formal learning and training methods with the usage of modern technologies. INNOVED’s main mission is the promotion of knowledge, educational practices, and opportunities for the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. So, INNOVED is operating in order to achieve to encourage, support, and promote the innovative spirit in various areas such as education and training, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue, innovative methodologies and practices around the entrepreneurial mindset, disabilities, and empowerment, non-formal practices in education and training provision.


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